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Real-time health tracking Android/iOS app for Infants

NeoNatal Vitals Tracker

“Being a parent of a premature baby is not always easy, so monitor real-time Vital Signs, Heart rate, Saturation rate, Respiratory rate, and Temperature of your baby and also share your infant’s health progress with family and friends through Parent Application.”

ABOUT NeoNatal Vitals Tracker

If we talk about NeoNatal Vitals Tracker, a mobile app has been developed by a team of iOS & Android developers with backend help from API developers, Design help from UI Designer, BA, PM & QA Team. especially, it has Remote Patient Monitoring, Predictive Analytics, Parent Smartphone App, Virtual Healthcare, Care Coordination. The application will catch wellbeing information from the cloud and it will appear to the client in real-time. Parents can pose inquiries and questions identified with Baby's heath. AI predictive analytics and intuitive records to continuously track the changes in infants’ heart rates, composite risk score analyzes and different health pattern monitoring.

Real-time health tracking Android/iOS app for Infants

Prior to discharge, infants are connected to wearable sensors that track their vital signs and continuously monitor 24/7 by dedicated neonatal providers, A main feature of app is the medical record, which includes a summary of the infants’ NICU course, including ongoing diagnosis, medications, laboratory/imaging results, immunizations and growth parameters, app creates a lifelong medical record that puts the ownership of each infant’s medical information literally into their parent’s hands.It has diverse elements that infants are remotely monitored continuously by a 24/7 dedicated neonatologist using the Isansys neonatal specific 7 gram single use cardio-respiratory- thermo monitor as well as pulse oximetry using the hospital-grade Nonin WristOx2. Automated alert notifications are sent to parents and care team members using SMS messages based on predetermined vital sign parameters. The parent App user will get real time data in the application along with the flash notifications. Key health information along with the focussed health records will be displayed on the dashboard. Clients can get the graphical view of respective diagnosis reports along with the essential medication schedule. Appointment scheduling can be done for the patient and the family members. The provider’s information will be accessible and handy for any emergencies.

Parent App User Features

  • Infants’ NICU course
  • Ongoing diagnosis
  • Medications
  • Laboratory/imaging results
  • Immunizations and growth parameters.
  • NICU discharge medical records are continuously updated by the team
  • Parents can download the entire medical record and share it with other providers as needed.
  • Realtime vital signs
  • Book appointment for Infant
  • 24/7 Consulting Support
  • Vaccination Records

Web Admin Features

  • Dashboard
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Set Alerts On infant’s vital signs
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Manage Vaccination
  • Manage Medical records
  • Growth Chart for patient
  • Manage Diagnosis
  • Export infant’s Records
  • AI predictive analytics

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