An Elegant WordPress-based website Website Made Exquisitely For An Industrial Machinery Producing Business In Brazil

About MoldMaq

MoldMaq specializes in creating the best quality solutions and products to support highly complex machines. Leading the machinery production for the mould and die industry, Moldmaq carries out numerous assignments which include undertaking maintenance, alterations, and enhancements in aluminium and thermoplastic injection moulds.

How did Let’s Nurture help with the client’s requirement?

Being a top WordPress development company, we were approached by the team of MoldMaq to create a neat website that provides information to their customers in an organized fashion. With a concrete detailing of the project, MoldMaq proceeded to hire WordPress developers who were experienced and possessed expertise in developing WordPress-based websites. Providing products and services that accelerate the industrial growth of the nation, MoldMaq aims for innovation and function in everything it puts forth before its customers, including its website. With an aim to deliver the best to our client, we accomplished this website development project with finesse. Explore some of the interesting aspects hold.


  • Website Content Management
  • News & Blog Posting Integration
  • Website Security Management
  • Plugin Updation
  • Stability & Reliability
  • Automatic Backups


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