Marketplace Website for Steel Buyers/ Suppliers


Unified Steel is an online marketplace platform, revolutionizing the way steel is searched and found. It provides a one-stop experience where users, whether small or big can browse and choose metals and services from a wide range.

About Unified Steel

The web marketplace platform helps steel suppliers to promote their companies, generate sales leads as well as helps steel buyers to find the steel they need as per their requirement. Our expert team of web developers have developed Unified Steel using MEAN Stack technology. The front end was developed using Angular JS, back end using Node.js and database using MongoDB. It allows users to post inquiries about capabilities of metal they seek. Sellers can also post capability of their metals, process of creation and other details about the metal offerings.

Marketplace Website for Steel Buyers/ Suppliers

Our MEAN Stack developers developed the website using technologies like Angular 2, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Kibana that helps Unified Steels to be an ideal, robust and scalable website marketplace platform for steel buyers and sellers. The features of Unified Steel are given below:

Website features

  • Home Screen
  • Elasticsearch engine implementation
  • Profile Page for providers
  • Inquiry section/ Inquiry detail page
  • Filtering Suppliers by given filters
  • View Recent enquiry section

Admin Features

  • Login / Registration / Retrieve Password
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Manage users
  • Manage forms
  • Manage static HTML pages
  • Manage Companies and inquiries
  • Manage Product/ Machine specific variables

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