Responsive Multilingual CMS Website


It is a complete multilingual CMS based website portal developed by us for a politician in Kuwait using HTML/ CSS.

About Meshaal Al Shatti:

PHP developers at Let’s Nurture have developed a CMS website for a popular politician in Kuwait. This website platform is built for him to influence people of his nation via Videos, Articles, News gallery and Seminars to serve Arab nationalism, worldwide peace, human civilization for a better future of the country as a whole. This website is built using open-source JavaScript libraries and Social SDKs for social media integration for better engagement. The multilingual feature is given to incorporate English and Arabic languages to reach to local and foreign visitors.

Responsive Multilingual CMS Website

We developed this CMS website that allows the admin to use the portal to upload the events, updates, news, seminars and more. The followers have option to download the newsletter and have an option to get in touch with the authorities. There has been a tool installed for slideshow within the website where pics can be played in sequence for any event.

Admin Features:

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Multilingual (English & Arabic) content management
  • Newsletter Subscription listing
  • Social Media accounts Integration
  • Blog management
  • Multimedia management on each page

Font & Colors


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