IoT based Healthcare Diagnostic Solution


MedCheck is a connected medical kit for health tracking and monitoring that consists of blood pressure and glucose meter connected to a Mobile App.

About MedCheck- a Smart Solution for Smart Families

MedCheck is a Smart healthcare solution which is made for native Android and native iOS platforms, supporting patients who want a reliable and easy way to monitor their blood pressure and glucose levels regularly. The App keeps blood pressure and glucose history in easy-to-understand graphs and filters. MedCheck App compiles the data into reports, which they can print and bring to doctor’s appointments.

IoT based Healthcare Diagnostic Solution

Smart healthcare solution like MedCheck is developed to make life of doctors, healthcare professionals and patients a lot easier. Along with its accurate monitoring of blood pressure and glucose, MedCheck App also helps users to find and add doctors registered with MedCheck in the same city where doctors have their own login to see complete history of patients.

  • Portable Mobile Kit
  • Health Tracking
  • On hand patient history for doctors
  • Print your report instantly
  • Reminders to patients for routine checks
  • Valuable and accurate insights on health
  • Suitable for old age homes and corporate to track health of employees
  • Notify friends, family and doctors via SMS while taking a reading

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