Built on WordPress, Leggingdiva is an eCommerce Website selling the world's best leggings for women.


Selling some of the most high quality leggings available on the market, this website is created by Let’s Nurture’s e-commerce experts and built with the easy to use and highly responsive WordPress site framework.


At Legging Diva, we help women all over the world look their best whether they’re at home, work, the gym, or out running their own errands. Legging Diva offers affordable, high quality clothing which can be used at the home, office place, yoga, exercising, and more! You can browse our wide range of leggings through our website to find exactly what you need.

WordPress based eCommerce Website Development | Portfolio | LetsNurture

How did Let’s Nurture help with the client requirement?

Let’s Nurture is a business and development company which has been assisting businesses make the most of themselves through the use of technology for more than two decades.  For creating Legging Diva, our experts used a variety of e-commerce and WordPress frameworks to ensure a high response, quick loading website which can be easily navigated by its users and customers. In addition to this, we use familiar E-Commerce platforms such as Shopify in order to create ease of use for our customers and clients alike.

Have a look at the features that this sleek and small website offers:


  • Responsive theme
  • Publishing controls
  • Ongoing support
  • Built-in SEO tool

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