Corporate performance gamification system

First Round Draft Pick – FRDP

A unique performance enhancing application for organizations, developed by our iOS development team, which can be used by independent business owners to track productivity and create a community within their organization.

About FRDP

Our expert team of iOS development developed this organizational performance calculating application using Xcode 9 and Objective C and Swift 3 as coding languages. The purpose is to mainly target personal excellence, team unity, community of employees of an organization. Apart from that, there are some customizables which holds categories, goals, achievements etc. Admin panel was developed to manage users, point system , categories and more using PHP and JavaScript with MySQL as remote database storage.

iOS architects of Let’s Nurture have given a robust and dynamic feel to the app by using frameworks such as Alamofire and EVObjects and design tool Sketch in order to provide the best UI/ UX. FRDP provides monthly scorecard to give honest face of the productivity for your business in which employees can track personal activities, habits, progress and growth. It allows Team Leaders to analyze and monitor goals in the best way. Leaderboard shows top 10 performers weekly/ monthly to cheer up and motivate others. FRDP is a complete package for organizations in which Categories, point values, push notifications, goals, achievement trophies are all customizable.

Mobile App Users


  • Registration/ Login
  • Realtime News feed
  • Scorecard / Leaderboard
  • Profile management (Team/ Individual)
  • Activities input (Team/ Individual)
  • Calendar
  • Weekly/ Monthly standings (Team Individual)
  • Download Charts/ Email Charts

Web Admin

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Teams
  • Manage Input Categories
  • Manage Point System
  • Manage Leaders
  • Scorecard
  • Push Notifications (All/ Selected users)

Font & Colors


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