Online Marketplace for Local Produces


"The website serves as a one stop shop for both Vendors and Buyers for all kinds of local produces."

About DinnerBasket

DinnerBasket is an online marketplace for purchasing locally produced items like vegetables, fruits, beverages, meat etc. This platform solves the purpose for both the Vendors and buyers. Vendors can upload their produces and buyers can purchase them. Buyers can take leverage of waived off delivery fees by subscribing on to the platform.

Online Marketplace for Local Produces

Our expert team has developed the platform on WordPress and have inculcated Various custom modules based on Client’s specific requirements. We have covered a number of e-commerce features and much more which includes:

Vendor features

  • Login / Sign up

  • Upload products

  • Give product description and image

  • Set attributes

  • Set location

  • Buy locals

User features

  • Guest Users

  • Login/Sign up

  • Buy products

  • Mark products as favourite

  • See order history

  • Add recipes

  • Check recipes of users

  • Location wise filter

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