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About CREListings

CREListing is a reputed website that offers commercial property investors a safe place to buy and sell properties by listing them. With versatile categories, it is easy for users to find the property of their choice. The website stores all commercial property listings from Canada. Created by our top wordpress development company, this property listing website is a breeze for its users.

How did Let’s Nurture help with the client’s requirement?

Looking forward to hire WordPress developers who are specialized in creating successful WordPress-based websites, the team of CREListings approached the Let’s Nurture team. To make it easy for our clients to use, manage, and maintain the website, our team came up with a detailed design for the site. Understanding the requirements of the client, our WordPress based website development company, commenced the development process. Putting faith in our abilities, CREListings not only assigned the development project to us but also connected with us to maintain the website. Go through some of the most exciting features which make the website stand out.


  • Website Content Management
  • News & Blog Posting Integration
  • Website Security Management
  • Plugin Updation
  • Stability & Reliability
  • Automatic Backups

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