An iOS app developed to design Schematic Diagrams for the electricians of Australia helping instant conversions of electrical parameters.

About CircuitWIz

CircuitWiz, built on native iOS platform, is an Electrician’s best friend. Developed by our expert iOS app development team, it is used for seamless designing experience for schematic diagram for electricians eliminating the expensive necessity of CAD programs. It is a paid application available in App Store, specifically for Australia region only.

CircuitWiz, developed using Xcode and Swift1 for iOS platform, contains 292 symbols conform to industry standards, 143 IEC symbols and 149 ANSI symbols. The iOS app users can select symbols and  drag-and-drop them according to requirement to make the schematics diagrams and save them. The saved design can be edited at a later stage too. The diagrams can be saved in A3, A4 and Letter Size page frames to give a professional touch. A calculator is also provided to assist in conversions- Ohm’s Law, Motor Power, General Power and Wire Resistance calculations. CircuitWiz Pro contains all symbol sets including electrical, hydraulic, communications, fire and electronics.

Mobile App Users:

  • Select Symbols
  • Design/ Save Custom Symbols
  • Conversion of parameters
  • In-app purchase for PRO version
  • Conversion Calculator for electrical parameters
  • Save design in Pre-set page frames
  • Edit/ Delete/ Update designs

Font & Colors


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