Canadian Classifieds

A Quickly-Loading WordPress Website with Numerous Categories and Breath-Taking Design

About Canadian Classifieds

Canadian Classified aims to provide a one-stop buy and sell point to Canadian citizens. With a variety of categories organized in a sequential manner, it is very easy for customers to find a product for sale. Users can also browse through the products sold in a specific region as the website, created by our top wordpress development company, also provides location based search.

How did Let’s Nurture help with the client’s requirement?

Having the experience of creating a number of successful WordPress based websites, our wordpress based website development company, developed a neatly designed website. Although it was challenging to build a website with Canada wide classified listings at a single place, the ingeniousness of our expert developers helped us in building this website in a methodical manner. Our client went ahead to hire wordpress developers from Let’s Nurture based on the fantastic design they created. Standing true to our position of being a top website development company, we completed the project within the deadline set by our client.


  • Website Content Management
  • News & Blog Posting Integration
  • Website Security Management
  • Plugin Updation
  • Stability & Reliability
  • Automatic Backups

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