Built on Shopify, Empire is a handbag selling company.

Bags Empire

A Shopify-based eCommerce website for a handbags business.

About Empire

Empire is a handbag-selling eCommerce website that offers a comprehensive range of utility handbags. They have handbags for every event. They door deliver their products across Canada.

Shopify eCommerce website development for a handbag line.

How did Let’s Nurture help with the client requirement?

This eCommerce platform was made exclusively using Shopify. It offers a range of utility handbags that women can purchase for any kind of event. Since it is an eCommerce website,  there will be a lot of sensitive and confidential information that customers enter such as debit or credit numbers and impatient customers. So the website has to be fast and secure. With Shopify, clients and customers do not have to worry about reliability as Shopify will take care of all server maintenance and upgrades to keep the website and shopping cart safe and error-free along with ensuring the pages load within no time. 

  • Custom responsive UX design
  • PayPal payment gateway integration
  • Publishing controls
  • Ongoing support
  • Built-in SEO & marketing tools

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