Rental Listing Website

Atlantic Cottage Club

Atlantic Cottage club is a website users can look for various rental options to spend their vacations and can list their own by sending request.

About Atlantic Cottage Club

Atlantic Cottage Club is a rental booking website that allow its users to book rentals in membership basis and earn discounts on bookings. Users who want to list their properties as Rentals can share their details on the website.

Rental Listing Website

Atlantic Cottage club has the features to send booking request to the Administrator in custom date range for any particular rental property. Have a look at all the features that the website offers.

  • Home page
  • Company information
  • Real Estate Listing
  • Real Estate Details (multiple pages)
  • Request Booking
  • Contact page
  • Trendy and unique design.
  • Mobile device compatible design.
  • Free Domain registration
  • Free hosting on our servers to guarantee security and time up

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