AIRDRIE AERATION is a Calgary-based garden service and landscaping marketplace, looking to serve both the community of Airdrie and the surrounding Calgary areas.


Airdrie Aeration’s site is built and powered by the web developers and designers of the Canadian-based design house, Let’s Nurture. Their site utilizes WordPress’s reliable framework, assuring great uptime, load times, and overall high responsiveness to user needs.


AIRDRIE AERATION’s service marketplace model is designed to allow businesses, entrepreneurs, and workers to offer their services through the Airdrie Aeration Plus site. From there, customers can select the services they require either for their personal use or for business applications. Some of the popular services currently offered by Airdrie Aeration include Aeration, Power Rake & Snow Removal.

WordPress based garden service and landscaping marketplace Website | Portfolio | LetsNurture

How did Let’s Nurture help with the client requirement?

At Let’s Nurture, we have a number of different experts for various programming languages, frameworks, systems, and more. Our development experts were contacted to create and design Airdrie Aeration’s website to be a WordPress driven, service marketplace for the Calgary area. Designed from scratch using a variety of web and security frameworks, Airdrie Aeration is a secure, responsive website designed for use by both businesses and civilians of Airdrie alike.

Have a look at the features that this sleek and small website offers:


  • Responsive theme
  • Publishing controls
  • Ongoing support
  • Built-in SEO tool

Font & Colors


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