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Portal to track all your trades


"2bat.io gives its users chance to maintain records of their trades and calculate compounding trades."

About 2bat.io

The website works as a notebook of storing records of the users individual trades block wise. This has a feature to subscribe and get benefits to trade through 8 different coins. The website also runs affiliate program.

Portal to track all your trades

We have custom developed the website and tailored exactly according to the requirements put forward. The calculations were all set up in the backend in a way that the traders get track of their trades and calculate their compounding, ROI, trades and much more.

User features

  • Login/Sign up

  • Subscribe

  • Master scoreboard

  • Trade record entries

  • ROI calculator

  • Compounding Calculator

  • Wallet Manager

  • Import Transaction

  • Affiliate program

Font & Colors


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