How much would it cost to develop a Photo Editing Mobile App like PicsArt

According to a Source, Photo Editing App market was valued at USD 293.02 Million in the year 2019 and is projected to reach USD 387.83 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.57% from the year 2019 to 2027.

Photo editing software and applications are becoming increasingly popular all across the world, and there’s a few reasons to see why. For one, businesses of all levels are needing to take high quality photos and videos of their products and services in action in order to gain a sizable piece of online social media marketing. Typically, these businesses will use applications like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to share their content in order to boost audience or demographic engagements. However, in order to have great visuals to share to your company’s social media page, you first need a great photo editing application.


Market for a Photo Editing mobile App like Picsart

The photo editing Mobile App market is expected to grow over $1030 Million by 2023. An estimated market size which is mainly driven by regions like:

  • North America – Canada, Mexico

  • Europe – UK, Italy, Russia, France, and Germany

  • Asia-Pacific – Japan, Korea, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia

  • South America – Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil

  • Africa and the Middle East – UAE, Suadi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, and Nigeria

There are two main reasons driving this sudden high demand for photo editing software in the market:

  • Increase in integration of photo editing features on social media platforms

  • A rise in the number of mobile-based photo editing software

For building these high-end applications with plenty of features, your development cost could fall in a range of anywhere from CAD 37000 to CAD 39000 depending on the features you want to include in your Photo Editing Mobile App Development.

Features and Estimated Costs of a Photo Editing Mobile App like PicsArt

User Features Admin Features
Sign-up/Sign-in Log-in
Create Account Dashboard
Manage Account Manage Users
Upload Photos & Videos Manage Filters
Access New Filters Manage Functionality
Add stickers & Text Manage Add Filters
Edit Background Colors Manage Social Media Integration
Rotate & Crop Images Content Management
Trim Videos Manage Premium Model
Add Slow-Motion Effects to Videos Manage Subscriptions
Add Fast-Motion Effects to Videos Manage Feedbacks
Download Images After Editing Track Performance of App
Share Photos To Social Media Generate Weekly or Monthly Reports
Feedback Logout
Purchase Premium Model
Payment Gateway Integration
Cost to develop a Photo Editing App like PicsArt: CAD 37000 to CAD 39000 (Android + iOS + Web App + Backend) approx

Add-On features for a Photo Editor mobile App Development like PicsArt:

Add-On Features
Collage Landing
Eliminate Red-eye, Whiten teeth
Rotate/Crop/Align Images
Option Like Adjusting Brightness, Focus, Color, Contrast, Exposure & Image saturation
Built-in Photo Timer
Creating Short Videos (Usually seen in Boomerang or Snapchat)
Additional Features, Frames, Fonts, Effects etc.
Crop a part of a picture & save it as a Sticker (Usually seen on Snapchat)
Make a Personal account available to users where they can store their personal pictures
Share Pictures to social Media

Resource Team Size for Photo Editing Mobile App development like PicsArt

We are mobile app development company in Canada, having rich experience in developing numerous mobile apps and websites for our global clients. Our dedicated team of mobile app developers, for your Photo Editing Mobile app development project will comprise:

  • 1 UX Designer
  • 1 iOS App Developers
  • 1 Quality Analyst
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Android App Developers
  • 1 Backend developer
  • 1 Business Analyst

Technology Stack, which we use to develop

Fabric iOS
Fabric iOS
Android Studio
Android Studio
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google API
Google API
MEAN Stack
MEAN Stack
Mantis BT
Mantis BT
Google Webmasters
Google Webmasters
swift iOS
swift iOS

What do you get by teaming up with Let's Nurture to develop a Photo Editing mobile app like PicsArt?

  • Expert Mobile App Developers with rigorous experience in developing web or iOS / Android apps

  • Expertise in Photo Editing Mobile App development using the latest technologies

  • Expert and free consultation on strategic features, their development and an effective testing strategy

  • Great value on costs for Photo Editing Mobile app development

  • Photo Editing Mobile app development coding as per the guidelines of Apple Store & Google Play

  • Support in Application deployment and Approval

So, what are you waiting for?

Now you know the market opportunity, have access to the resources required to leverage it and a prospective team of experts which can help you achieve it. Hit the iron, when it’s still hot!

Hence, if you are looking to invest and wonder what would be the cost to develop a Photo Editing Mobile App like PicsArt

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The duration would depend on the exact specifications and the requirements which would be mentioned by you. Normally, our mobile application development team would say 20-25 weeks.
Ongoing costs involved in running a Video Editing Mobile App like PicsArt will include:
  1. Server annual usage cost.
  2. API Subscription charges if any
  3. Payment Gateway subscription charges if any
Yes, it is already provided as a part of our service agreement.
We provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) services on a case-to-case basis at 10% of the Project cost.
Yes, we have 80+ in-house resources working in Android app development, iOS/ iPhone app development, web development, blockchain development, chatbot development and Alexa app development.
Yes, we do provide flexible dedicated hiring models consisting of highly skilled and certified web and mobile developers who are well versed in website and Android/ iOS mobile app development projects for diverse industries.
Our team is located in multiple countries , we have development center in Canada, Brazil, Latin America, India, Ukraine and Australia. Based on customer location and customer type we propose best possible app development solution.
Yes we are local and we can meet you at our office or one of our team member can travel and meet you.

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