How to recognize and deal with phishing scams‌

This whitepaper summarises how you can identify and deal with a variety of phishing scams. Email phishing is nothing but a numbers game. The attacker sending out thousands of fraudulent emails could get his or her hands on essential information and sums of money, even if 5% of people fall for those scams. There are a few techniques that attackers utilize to improve their rate of success. For example, mimicking a legitimate, high-profile organization such as Google or Amazon. Using the company's original logo and some fake signatures can make the emails appear legitimate.

To keep phishing scams at bay, you need to be vigilant. A spoofed email often carries subtle mistakes that reveal its true identity. This white paper highlights the types of phishing you may encounter and how you can stop yourself from falling for those scams:

3 types of Phishing you may encounter:


Deception Phishing


Spear Phishing


CEO Fraud Phishing

Download this whitepaper to recognize and identify what phishing attacks look like so that you can avoid having personal information, client information, or monetary funds stolen from you.

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