How much will it cost to develop a marketplace app like Uber for Trucking?

The global logistics market is on a wild spree of growth. Globally, rapid social mobilization and aggressive growth of Ecommerce has created unique business opportunities for trucks and players in the logistics industries. Yet, they all face a big issue – the supply seems to be falling short of the demand, especially for smaller players.

Need of an on demand platform like Uber for Trucking

Smaller industrial units and houses find it increasingly difficult to book a truck or a logistics partner in order to transfer their goods from one place to another. This poses a challenge and hence a significant business opportunity. Uber for trucking, an on demand logistics service marketplace, providing platform for truck owners and customers needing trucking services, can capitalize on this growing market.

One can easily see that not all trucks globally are running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When it comes to truck owners with smaller fleets, in the range of 1 or 2, it becomes difficult for them to get apt market for their assets. Hence, they can be utilized very well as an inventory and be connected to the right market using an Uber for trucking.


Business Model of the Uber for Trucking

  • The commission charged to truck owners: Truck owners can be charged on a per booking basis. Hence, as more trucks get booked with the growth in the market, the commissions also go up.

  • A fees can be charged from business owners: If businesses need freight services on a more regular basis, they can be enrolled into a subscription service whereby they are allowed to send a certain amount of goods every month on specific dates. They shall be charged an extra fee for this bulk booking. This way, they ensure that the trucks are available at the right time and save themselves from the unavailability due to peak demand.

  • Additional fees for large freights: For businesses which need extraneous freight services, an extra fee can be charged for specially arranging for specific trucks from the inventory.

  • Brand Promotions: The trucks carry a lot of external space which can be used for branding purposes. The app owners can partner with truck owners and use this space for brand promotions, where the revenues can be shared.

  • Brand Partnerships: The Uber for trucking can partner with petrol pumps and lounges on the way of major national highways and busy routes to provide truck owners with additional discounts on using them. This can provide with additional source of revenue or decreased cost of customer acquisition.

Features and Estimation of Costs for developing a bike sharing app

App Users App Users Carrier Truck Drivers Admin
Basic Features Splash Screen Landing Screen Splash Screen Register / Sign Up screen
Mobile Number Verification Register / Sign Up Login / Sign Up Registration > Territory description
Home Screen Login/ Signin Dashboard Search Customer
Search Results- Carriers, Agents Manage Vehicle Manage shipment Manage Truck detention
Carrier Details Booking requests Contact Admin Manage Vehicle Categories
Book Transport Accept contract Start/ Stop trip Review bookings
My Profile/ My bookings Manage Tariff Contact Carrier Manage Booking
Push Notifications Truck Detention Settings Manage Truck Tracking
Push Notifications Route navigation Manage Blocking
Push notifications
Manage Billing/ Invoice/ Reports
Cost of On demand marketplace like Uber for Trucking USD 28000- 30000 for both iOS + Android + Web Admin + Web Services

Add-On Features:

App Users Carrier Truck Driver Admin
Add-On Features of On demand marketplace like Uber for Trucking Mobile wallet integration Dashboard Analytics Traffic & Weather updates Manage Partnerships
Support Chat Customer Analytics Roadside assistance Manage Forwarding/ Clearing/ Insurance Agents
Language localization Live Tracking Language Localization Language localization
Manage Mileage Coupons Mileage coupons

Resource Team to develop on demand marketplace app like Uber for Trucking

We are a team of expert app developers, product managers, business analysts and UI/UX developers who can help you develop the right product for this lucrative market.

  • 1 UX Designer
  • 1-2 Android App Developers
  • 1-2 iOS App Developers
  • 1 Backend developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Project Manager

Let’s Nurture is a unique pool of expert resources who will make your bike rides awesome.

Technology Stack We use to develop

Fabric iOS
Fabric iOS
Android Studio
Android Studio
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Google API
Google API
MEAN Stack
MEAN Stack
Mantis BT
Mantis BT
Google Webmasters
Google Webmasters
swift iOS
swift iOS

Why choose us to build your own on demand marketplace like Uber for Trucking?

In an already competitive market, it is vital to get in touch with the best mobile app development company that has the expert consultants and Android/ iOS developers. Only the best will be able to help the purpose of entering the market with the right strategy along with the best trucking applications having flawless UI/ UX and unique features.

  • We are a team of experienced and highly enthusiastic software developers, app developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts and product managers.

  • Collectively amongst us, we have an experience of 10 years in the mobile application development services.

  • We also help you developing and implementing an effective product strategy.

  • We bring years of combined expertise in end-to-end app development, business analytics and product management.

  • Due to our expertise, we can guarantee app approval from both Android and IOS app stores.

  • We have highly efficient testing policies.

  • We help you develop strategic features.

  • We are with you throughout the process- ideation, product development, pivots, updates and deployment.

  • Affordable estimation costs.

A piece of advice...

The global market is filled with deep pocketed players like trucking and Uber Jump. Hence, the only way to differentiate in this market is by providing a world-class product which not only goes neck to neck with the giants but also innovates in its own ways. We can help you do exactly that.

So, what are you waiting for? You too, can capitalize on market opportunity in trucking industry by having us on board.

Hire our developers for App Marketplace like Uber for Trucking now


Primary ROI: Membership Fees & Per transaction % share
Secondary options for ROI:
  • Featured vendor: Payment for displaying at top of search results.
  • Charge Vendor for displaying AR Content on platform
  • Gamification- Discounts at specific businesses with High ticket value to boost platform %
  • Google Adword registration- Per Ad display & Per ad click revenue
  • Affiliate integration: Rakuten linkshare- Per product purchase commission
  • Strategis partnership: Will be similar to featured vendor above.
  • We have various GPS based IoT tracking module that can be integrated for accurate real-time location tracking.
    This is to be decided based on region specific industry best practices. Ideally, we recommend 50% advance and 50% escrow to be released after safe delivery of cargo verified by customer.
    1. Make small amount of security deposit mandatory before booking a ride and deduct delay penalty from it.
    2. Calculate hourly delay charges at fixed rate per hour or minute
    3. Calculate hourly delay charges incrementally for every delayed hour or minute
    Yes, of course. While having a marketplace app, it is very important to include a feedback submission module. It increases the reliability and goodwill between the customers and the owner.
    We include time stamped message board by default. So tutor/ babysitter current location and time spent is auto-tracked in real time.
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