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What is Geofencing?

Geofencing software is available in many location-based smartphones and can be used to define virtual geographic boundaries. It works by identifying the exact location of an individual or establishment, and then creating a virtual area around it using either global positioning system (GPS), or radio frequency identification(RFID) technology.

These virtual fences are affordable and can be targeted for marketing purposes. Geofencing apps can use GPS to determine the user's location. This is done using the IP address or GPS of the device being used, such as a mobile phone or tablet. The app can present the user with unique offers and information based on their location. This depends on how the technology was used.

Geofencing: Why?

Geofencing can be extremely helpful in targeting leads at a specific location. Geofencing, for example, allows mobile apps to send notifications to potential clients who are within the vicinity of a business establishment such as a restaurant or dry cleaner.

This allows a business that is location-based, such as a convenience store or restaurant, to target local leads and convert them into customers through attractive offers via text messages and email.

Geofencing technology is not only useful for targeting potential customers within a particular area, but it can also be used by the app to gather valuable data about its users.

Geofencing technology can help you collect the following information:

1. How often does a person visit the area around your business?

2. How often they visit your area and how long they stay there.

These can all be useful information as you work on a marketing plan to attract more customers.

Geofencing Features to Support Applications


Notify existing app users of the latest offers and deals to encourage them to shop closer to your store.

Create User Profiles

Find out how often your app users make purchases, what products or services they buy and whether they do business with you.

Collect location data

You can use location data to determine when a customer visits your store, how often they visit and how long they stay.

Users of Re-Target

Find out which customers have purchased products similar to yours in the past. This information will help you to focus your marketing efforts.

What is Geofencing?

The geofencing feature in most mobile apps works all the time, even when the app is not in use or is running in the background mode. Even when the mobile phone is in the user's pocket, the geofencing feature will work to help identify their location and accordingly send them relevant information like offers and discount coupon codes.

Modern geofencing software is extremely energy-efficient and uses only 0.1% of mobile battery. It is easy to integrate geofencing software into mobile apps. You can use it to create mobile marketing campaigns that target customers around the globe.

Complex algorithms are used in order to increase accuracy and power efficiency of geofencing software or programs. Segmentation is a feature that most of these software types offer. This allows you to classify users by age, gender, or other criteria. This makes your marketing more targeted and precise.

Uses of Geo-fencing functionality specific to domains

Geofencing software is used primarily by geo-specific organizations and businesses for lead conversion and marketing purposes. Geofencing software has some domain-specific functions.


A customer who is waiting for delivery of a product purchased would be notified as soon as the delivery vehicles reach the geofenced area of their delivery address.


Any device belonging to an organization that contains confidential information can be programmed so it turns off when they leave the geofenced perimeter.


Potential customers who live or travel near the eatery's geofenced location will be notified of any relevant offers, discounts, and deals.


Regular moviegoers or past customers living nearby would receive notifications about the timings and ticket prices of film screenings at the theater.Location-Based Reminder App

Examples of Geo-fencing in Android Applications

Geofencing software can be found in many applications and programs today, such as location-based businesses and household management, to do list and note-taking apps. Here are some examples of Android applications:

Location-Based Reminder apps

Geofencing is often used on productivity-enhancing android apps. The app will send a notification to remind the user of the important things they should do when they are in a particular place.

Food and Grocery Apps

Geofencing can be used for online food ordering and delivery. This software can be used to pinpoint the exact location of the buyer using GPS, and then to offer them special deals, discounts, and so on.

Smart Home Control Apps

Android geofencing apps are a great way to save energy and conserve water while on your way home from work

Apps for Retail Shopping

Businesses can use geofencing apps to inform customers about local deals that might be of interest to them, based on their location. This is a great way to promote special offers that are based on holidays and local events.


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