Business needs a mobile app in this new era

Why your Business needs a mobile app in this new era

10 Dec. 19
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Mobile application development is a specially developed software app for the usage on small, wireless portable devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. It developed for various OS such as Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. These days it seems like every business needs a mobile app because it communicates directly with customers through Ads, Promotions, In-app Purchases, and notifications sent to customers about new products, offers, Product Specifications, and features, etc.

Mobile app presence covering the smartphone world day by day

  • 2.8 million apps are available in the Google Play Store.
  • Average 2 hours of time a user spends on apps every day
  • Mobile users use 9 to 10 apps daily on average
  • Mobile users use 30 apps over a month.

Why your business needs a mobile app

  • Key for any growth of the business is mobile app presence
  • Small business owners get definite and positive results after launching their own app
  • Users like to receive offers, coupons and new product notifications from an app
  • The average US users spend more than 2 hours daily on the mobile device
  • Half of the users make purchase decisions through apps.

Mobile App serves Your business with a Great Experience

  • Creating a better customer experience
  • Cultivating customer loyalty
  • Building Brand recognition
  • Connected with customers all the time
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Direct Marketing Channel creator

Reasons why every business owner needs a mobile app for their business

  • Business Exposure & Increase Visibility

    All Smartphone users spend more time online. A research shows that smartphone users spend at least on an average 162 minutes daily on different apps on their mobiles. So having a business app can help increase visibility and engagement. This is because people tend to associate with infographic images they see more often & recall.

  • Customers Loyalty.

    Mobile apps used to increase customer loyalty because it allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers, now a days we can see that It enables customers to order food, pay bills, book a table on their smartphone, if someone wants to get an additional information about the company, services, offers, they can do it 24/7 all the time via business mobile app, Constant interaction stimulates loyalty, and in return, a good loyalty level increase sales

  • A Viable Marketing Tool

    Launching your business app is an advertising step anyway, as it allows you to publish the latest news on relevant topics or send out Press releases, Mobile apps can be used as a marketing tool in reaching target customers. Customers can be made aware of every promotional offer by simply using notifications. all the information you’d like to provide to your customers about sales and promotions at their fingertips. Via push notifications, you’re getting even closer to direct interaction with the consumer, and can easily remind customers about your products and services whenever it makes sense. Business owners need not print any promotional brochures for the sake of reaching out to new customers, as mobile apps can provide information, booking forms, accounts, news feed, and other valuable marketing tools.

  • Growth of Sales.

    Mobile apps have been used to increase sales of products and make more profit. For example, UK’s Domino’s Pizza gets profit and increased its sales by 28% after the release of its business mobile app. Around half of the orders placed online are done on mobile apps. Most mobile apps are integrated with social media sites for wider market coverage.

  • Customer Service.

    Customer service plays a major role in any Business. Mobile apps offer consumers 24/7 quality customer service experience available round the clock, at no cost.

  • Build Brand Awareness.

    Brand Awareness can be greatly enhanced by a mobile app. When we talk about our products and services, the first thing that comes in mind that a customer recalls. Mobile apps help businesses in creating brand awareness and recognition by using features customers can fall in love easily.

  • Increases Accessibility to Customers.

    It’s very difficult to reach the target customers at the same time at different places. A business app offers great exposure on different mobile devices at the same time. Mobile apps increase a business accessible to potential customers, as more than a billion of the world population are mobile smart phone users. With an app, a business owner can send discount vouchers and promotional offers to all.

  • A Source of Valuable Data and Analytics.

    By utilizing a Mobile app for information about customer’s preferences and behavioral patterns enable us to make important decisions based on analytics, that which product. customer like the most, Buying intent is on which Product, which function is the most Popular & least popular. By tracking the way people interact with your app, you can understand how you can make a strategy for boosting sales and also improving customers experience.

So, if you are planning on developing a mobile app for a new business idea and If you’ve made up your mind about creating an app for your business, congratulations! You’ve made a great decision for the future of your business.

If you have any doubt regarding your business startup app, feel free to talk to our business consultants.

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