T3 Transit bus in Charlottetown

Why T3 Transit bus in Charlottetown should have a mobile application ?

28 Aug. 18
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3 Transit is a Canadian public transport agency operating buses in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Founded in 2005 as Charlottetown Transit, the 150th anniversary year of the city’s incorporation. Having 250000 rides per year transferring more then 1milliion passengers annually.

Recently when I started using T3 Transits I have been surprised to know there is no Card or mobile application for the bus transit system. As Prince Edward Island being in the coastal area using paper tickets is a set back to environment friendliness of the town. Specially when an easy alternative is available.

  • Hassle Free Ticketing:

To Travel in T3 Transit bus, there is 3 mode of ticketing. You have to pay 2.25 CAD for an individual ticket or you can buy 10 Tickets from designated places or monthly pass. These 3 options are not customer friendly.  You need to carry cash or a ticket or pass. Why don’t we have to invest in a technology where we can have all three within the app itself?

  • Customer Authentication:

When you have a mobile app you know who is traveling & who is paying for it. Paper tickets cannot be traced forwards and backward both. Customer authentication helps T3 how many unique customers are traveling & how many repeat customers are traveling.  A lifespan of a visitors & much more.

  • No Emergency Situation:

Having customer to top up from the app with cards like Presto or even just mobile app boarding pass will avoid emergency situation for travelers and visitors. As PEI is being a tourist place travelers will need that ease.

  • Route Optimization

Data were collected from customer app + driver app when they travel around Charlottetown will help authorities to bring better infrastructure in the place.

  • Progressive Thinking

Charlottetown has seen a growth of migrants & lot of people in 20-40 age brackets are now settling in Charlottetown. Being Youth friendly will encourage people to use the mode of public transport instead of using a personal vehicle which has a bigger negative impact on the island.


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