Why Radio Taxi of Prince Edward Island (PEI) should have its own Mobile application for taxi booking?

27 Sep. 18
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Radio Taxi has been in practice from last 70 years. In its earliest stages, cab/ taxi booking became very famous in the most popular cities like London & New York. It was like a high end facility in time when there were rare resources or platforms available for people to commute.

The Way Radio Taxi operates in Charlottetown


In primitive phase of taxi booking, when a customer called for a taxi, a trip was dispatched by either radio or computer, via an in-vehicle mobile data terminal, to the most suitable cab. The most suitable cab may either be the one closest to the pick-up address (often determined by GPS coordinates nowadays) or the one that was the first to book into the “zone” surrounding the pickup address. All taxi drivers have radio system in cab where they can communicate with each other as well as with dispatcher.

Trigger Point

Radio taxi has been an alternative mode of transport for most of the towns where public transport is suboptimal. Recently I started living in Charlottetown, PEI and was looking for a taxi booking app to help me and my family reach to our destination.

On very first day, when we reached to Charlottetown in midnight, we wanted to book a taxi. I was extremely surprised there not to have found a taxi or cab booking mobile application for Radio Taxi for commuting services. Security Guard at arrival told me that radio taxi will come & pick you up. First two radio cabs were not suitable enough to us because we were three and had six bags with us. After few minutes of juggling finally we came across a third Radio Taxi that suited our needs.

My findings after the midnight incident

Since then, I have continued taking radio taxi rides in Charlottetown, Summerside & other parts of Prince Edward Island. While doing this, I talked with drivers and taxi dispatchers too. After this sour experience, being a technology enthusiast, I felt that Prince Edward Island is in dire need of technology advancement in some areas, and I am dead sure that Radio Taxis is the one domain of many. This was the trigger point for me to write this article.

5 Reasons Why Radio Taxi in Charlottetown, PEI should have a Mobile App

1. For Better Route Optimization

Every Taxi booking request coming through a phone call is passed to radio operator who then coordinate with drivers on same route. This is just to identify who is nearby driver who can take taxi request. So much of a hassle for the purpose of identification only, right?. Going mobile, leveraging custom mobile application on native Android and iOS platform can instantly provide seamless solutions, specially when most of the travellers are now aware of on demand taxi booking and ride sharing apps like UBER & LYFT.

2. Less Expense on Radio Operator & Infrastructure

Radio Operator should learn programming & invest into implementing cutting-edge technologies which will be more helpful rather than staying as a taxi dispatcher for life time. This job position is not required at all. Also, unnecessary infrastructure of Radio communication gadgets can be avoided and reduce the operational costs along with better infrastructure and operational monitoring.

3. Passenger Convenience

Passengers or travellers are coming to Charlottetown, PEI from all over the world as it is a tourist place. Radio taxis are not normal thing for all, people nowadays will find it unusual. This is the effect of the dominance of on demand taxi booking and ride sharing application development. Having Ride Hailing Applications, is now ‘The New Normal’ thing to have in 21st century. Having internet connectivity at public places, hotels, etc. makes it easier for someone who does not have local sim card. There are many more passenger used cases to prefer mobile applications instead of radio taxis.

4. Extra Revenue through Advertising Platforms

Passenger Applications help Fleet companies to earn extra revenues from ‘Advertising’ platforms. Being the top custom mobile application development company in Canada, USA, India, we recently developed an app knows as Paid Ads, a Geo-location based marketing and advertising platform, which helps Taxi Booking Drivers to earn extra revenue based on advertisements their passenger views.

5. Resource Optimization with Ride Sharing & Taxi Pooling

Ride sharing and Taxi Pooling are not convenient. What I saw in Charlottetown, there were very few who were able to do ride sharing. As a consequence, having Taxi booking app with Taxi Pooling feature can definitely help authorities to optimize resources, fuel consumption of the island & also can reduce pollution.

How Let’s Nurture can help for On demand Taxi booking App Development?

With our efficiency and expertise to provide on-demand booking platforms, businesses can avail taxi app development to upgrade and enhance the booking experience for the users to get faster rides and reach their destinations on time.

  • Custom Taxi App development with appealing UI/UX
  • Cloud based solutions and services
  • Built-in maps and traffic data
  • Instant In-app notifications for passengers and drivers
  • Fare estimator for trips Cab/ Taxi management system
  • Multiple payment gateways integration
  • Transactions and reports


Want to know more about on demand cab/ taxi booking app development, maintenance and support? Get in touch with me by sending you enquiries to

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