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Why Cannabis delivery platform will be lucrative business in Canada?

27 Nov. 18
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According to the 2017 Annual Report , Sales of medical and recreational marijuana is going to reach $4.75 and $6 billion in 2018 respectively in the USA. Whereas, statistica goes ahead by saying that the spending on Cannabis across the globe is expected to hit USD57 billion by 2027.

October 17, 2018 was the day when people in Canada were cheering, enduring long lines while honking for support in opening of country’s first few marijuana (cannabis) dispensaries.

For the people who live under a rock- Yeah, you’ve heard it right! Recreational marijuana has been made legal all over Canada which makes it only second country (after Uruguay) in the world and first G7 nation to have implemented legislation permitting a nationwide marijuana market. This significant event will result multiple opportunities to many businesses in and outside health sector. Whist, many technological solutions can be offered as far as cannabis industry is concerned; on demand Uber like cannabis app development worths a punt for the early stages.

What is an On-demand Uber like Cannabis Delivery Application?

An Cannabis ordering and delivery marketplace app connects users with verified cannabis dispensaries around the city and enables medical marijuana patients to order medical cannabis products online and get delivered it to their homes in the safest way.

It is simple as any other Uber like on demand delivery mobile applications. Once a user place an order, the delivery boy would collect the marijuana and then deliver it to address given. Users would pay in the app through a payment gateway integration technology.

Need of Uber like Cannabis Delivery App Platform in Canada

Limited Outlets with regulations

While weed has been legalized, there are some rules which are meant to be followed too. Supply of cannabis is set to be limited and there will not be many cannabis retail stores. Cannabis retail stores are not being sold in the locations where alcohol and tobacco are being sold.

People in need

Uber like on demand cannabis delivery platform will be a blessing for the medical and recreational users. Apparently, cannabis delivery solution will be helpful for those people too who are homebound and cannot drive or recreational users who are intoxicated and unable to drive.

Lack of Process

Core problems like supply-demand gap, credibility gap, lack of customer engagement, lack of reliability and delays in delivery have caused the businesses to go for mobility solutions, in the the form of a web or mobile marketplace solution. Technology sector is keeping an eagle eye on this situation and will propose various solutions for the businesses in marijuana market.

From a Business Perspective

There is one such Uber like application called “Save the Drive” which was launched in October on Android and iOS platform to provide cannabis delivery services. You can also go for an Uber clone marketplace for cannabis ordering and delivery. We help in building custom and unique on demand marketplace applications with best-in-class UI/UX to make your application stand out.

Vision to the future

The legal cannabis market is worth about $10 billion already in North America, and projected to grow in the coming year. A report from Arcview Market Research estimates that figure is set to expand to almost $25 billion in three years — and that’s assuming no other U.S. states move to legalize between now and then.

Companies in USA and Canada will soon pop into the mix with smart solutions like on demand Cannabis delivery, Smart inventory management, Supply Chain management solutions, CRM solutions and loyalty reward programs. The implications of legalization of weed is going to be huge for the tech sectors of Canada and USA too.

Externals Businesses are Investing

Major firms, especially from the drinks sector, are getting involved. Constellation Brands Inc., the brewer of Corona beer, is spending $3.8 billion to boost its stake in Canopy Growth, a listed company in Toronto Stock Exchange worth C$15 millions. Multiple distillery owners are approaching and proposing to the giants of cannabis production like Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis and Cronos Group. It is also believed that these giants have started negotiations to supply countries like Germany with medical and recreational marijuana.

Pot is Popular- Even Mr. Trudeau does it


Yes. Even the Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau does it and he has agreed to it. According to Nation’s Statistics Agency (NSA), Canadians consumed more than 20 grams of marijuana per person last year and spent C$5.6 billion on the product. Majority of the pot smokers are in the range of 18 to 35 years. However the legalisation of marijuana will boost usage amongst the middle aged people with recreational marijuana sales reaching possibly around C$4.3 billion in 2019.- Deloitte LLP reports.

These are the positive signs if anyone wants to invest in building a marketplace platform for online cannabis delivery. The scope is huge, what else do you need? Finding a reliable technology partner in Canada for on demand cannabis app development is not a question anymore with Let’s Nurture around you.

How can Let’s Nurture help for Uber like Cannabis App Development?

We are the top marketplace applications development company in PEI, Canada having delivered multiple app platforms to our global clients. With 10+ years of experience, our mobile app development teams are experts in building custom mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.

With integration of other cognitive technologies like IoT, iBeacon, GPS/ Geofence, RFID, etc. to provide Smart cannabis farming, logistics & supply chain solutions, Smart Warehouse and Asset Tracking Solutions for your cannabis business.

Let us nurture your business of Medical Marijuana (Cannabis)! If you are into medical cannabis business and looking to bolster chances to make it more efficient, talk to our expert consultants to bring innovations and start reaping rewards.

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