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Welcome 2017 – A year to explore IoT, Big data, BI, Cultural expansion and much more

01 Jan. 17
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LetsNurture wishes you all a very happy new year. We hope you already have planned your new year resolutions. At LetsNurture, our employees surely have taken some innovative resolutions. We, as a company always have one resolution in mind, to nurture the world with new technologies like IoT, Big data and more.
This year would be no different and yet so much better. We plan to optimize our business strategies and enhance the technologies that we have worked upon. Our plan is to inculcate new technologies to cater our clients’ requirements.

Technology 2017 – IoT, Big data, BI and more

Internet of Things
According to Gartner, 20.8 billion objects will be connected to the internet by 2020. This statistic gives a pretty much air idea about how vast IoT technology is. Undoubtedly, it is going to be wider in every aspect. LetsNurture always has a passion to work on different facets of a technology. With projects like Smart plant management and Smart parking using IoT in the previous year, we look forward to adopt internet of things in many other projects.
Big data
73% of organizations worldwide have already invested in big data by 2016. Bigdata is getting ever bigger. With entrepreneurs investing in big data analysis, we thrive to work on such a rapid growing concept.
BI – Business Intelligence
To make an app/website less complex with more features, the skills for designing UX is the utmost necessity. The audience is moving away from the static report towards BI dashboards. We are glad to have our in-house UI/UX experts to foster the client’s requirements for BI dashboards. We have already worked for many of our clients, providing BI solutions and we will continue to serve this infographic solution.
Global successes such as Pokémon Go, Candy Crush Saga, and Clash of Clans have helped push gaming even further into the mainstream. LetsNurture is already applying gamification in its services and solutions. Game development would be a new exposure towards the core aspect of gamification. We are thrilled for our employees to be indulging into games development.
Cross-platform development
A cross-platform development is a concept to develop a single app that runs on multiple platforms like Android and iOS without the need of coding separately. Our team of skilled developers is already utilizing this demeanor of app development.

Business Trips 2017

Few of our team members are set for an agenda to fly to the States for client visits and business discussion. April 2017 will be encountered in the calendar of LetsNurture as a month of foreign trips.
Our visit to Canada will also be notable in the month of April. Latin America is also a destination for a business trip, marked in our calendar.
We are planning on visiting European countries for the client visit. We also plan to visit Europe for business expansion. Countries like France, Switzerland and Germany are on our tour list.

Process Implementation 2017

Cultural expansion

  • French Connection: French is an official language in 29 countries. We hired individuals with fluency in French language to expand our horizons in communicating with our French speaking clients efficiently. We moreover, provide our solutions to every corner of the world and so it became important for us to hire a French-speaking employee to give a personal touch in our conveyance.
  • Columbia Pictures: Viva La Vida. Spanish is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations. With our Spanish expertise we thrive to deliver best outcomes to the 20 Spanish speaking countries. We have set our Business Analyst in Columbia to guide our clients thoroughly with our solutions.

New office
With the team expansion, we have another office coming up in the same city, Ahmedabad. We respect every individual’s space and for the same reason, we decided to opt for another office. With a team of more than 70 employees, we now will be located at two different offices.
We have an hourly package for hiring our developers. We commit to timely delivery with definite results that meet client requirements. LetsNurture provide developers on a project basis. LetsNurture has now brought into the process a website development package for the SMEs that will not only allow to pay them in installments but will also leverage them to track the progress of their specifications.

Events 2016

Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017
Vibrant Gujarat is an initiative led by the now Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to encourage the entrepreneurs of Gujarat. We feel really glad to be presenting our innovative ideas in this summit. This event will be inaugurated by Narendra Modi and will be followed by the business exhibition. Vibrant Gujarat will be held in the month of January and will be noted as year’s biggest event in Gujarat.

Social work 2017

Blood donation camp will be a social work activity that will be accosted in 2017 as well. Also, the clothes donation camp to donate used clothes to the underprivileged will be an ongoing event as we strive to make an impact on the society by conducting social activities.

The year has just started

LetsNurture had a wonderful 2016 and we hope you had too. We also wish you have a far more wonderful 2017 filled with lots of innovation. We will continue to nurture the world by employing innovative technologies.

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