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Things to Consider before Going for Mobile App Development

07 Jul. 17

Considering it for any business, deciding to go for mobile app development is easy. But what about doing it successfully? Well, it can be as tricky as one can imagine. So in today’s article, we will discuss the things that need a special attention and implementation before you decide to build mobile app for your business.

Following are the things to consider:

1. Be confident about the purpose and Set your Goals

It is inevitable to build a strategic plan to get the right output before you decide to go for mobile application development to give your ideas a reality. What are your targets and what are you trying to achieve through a mobile app? Is it a solution to make life easier for your customers or employees or is it for generating a new revenue stream to make money out of it? So focusing on these basic things will help you to gain an initial knowledge about where to start from.

2. Market Research before Mobile App Development

Market research is a must thing to do because of the competition in the digital world. Upon understanding your initial concept and platform to provide solutions through a mobile application, it is important for you to know your competitors. Do they have an app based on similar concept providing similar solutions? Go through it, form your opinions based on what works or not, check the ratings and reviews.
Now, do not make a mistake to limit your research up to your direct competitors, try to broaden it. Take Uber or Airbnb as an example if you are trying to build an On-demand based platform to provide services. From the UI to Payment, go through it and feel what are the positives you can take for your area of business.

3. Surveys

“Customer is King” so listen to the users what they say about it. You have to do real surveys of the active users and carry out the analysis. It will help you in bringing something unique and attractive than the rest. The purpose of doing this is to get rid of the mistakes and flaws to provide the best solution for the customers. How to do it? Well, you can gather email addresses by yourself or hire and use services which give you access to a mass of respondents by paying a fee.

4. Know your Users- Target Audience

Your customers are going to be the users of the mobile app who can make or break. So the most vital thing is to understand the expectations of your potential users. Many concepts are there to collect data after identifying your targeted users. After doing market research, surveys, focus group sessions, etc., now is the time to understand the importance of target market analysis. This includes the data about preferences and spending habits of your users along with market size and ongoing trends that may affect the behaviour of your potential users.
Understanding your target users will help in creating a tailor-made a mobile app for them. You must focus upon including features that they want the most inside the application. Designing a mobile application as per the expectations of the users will make them feel like brand ambassadors for the app.

5. Choose Right Technology and Monetization Strategy

Technology and innovations are growing at a rapid pace and we opt for the latest technology to be used for mobile app development. It is essential to walk with the current trends to make a strong impression on App store or play store. A sustainable revenue model is the core part of any product getting launched by any individual, startup or a company. Keeping the market share of Android and iOS in mind, iOS apps tend to bring more revenue.
First, think about whether you want to build a native app or cross-platform app and then decide the platform according to the requirements. This strategy will take you towards success when you will submit your mobile app to the App Store. You must accept a fact that iOS users tend to buy the purchase apps more than Android users. However, Android users are looking for free apps but will give you more reach. So it may be a bit tricky for you to come up with a strategy according to your business idea and product.
If you are focused into marketing of a paid app, iOS application development has to be your option. You can generate some revenue through it and then invest for the Android version having advertisement module integrated.

6. Feedback with Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Instead of going for full builds requiring a lot of time to develop, it is better to develop an MVP version to start with. The value of MVP can grow according to the analysis of the user feedback by making it a more functioning product. Once you validate your app idea from the analysis and you have the vision how your product will look like, you are always open to investing more by building it on other platforms.
On submitting your app to the store eventually, you will need to carry out surveys and analysis to find out the success of your mobile app. Without this, you will not be able to know how your app runs on play store or app store among your competitors.
We at Let’s Nurture can provide you with a superb platform to provide end-to-end IT solutions once you are all set- A man with a plan. Our 8+ years of experience in mobile app development and website development based on client demands will help you achieve the targets. Our developers possess the skills to use the latest technologies while developing a mobile app or a website.
Write to us if you feel confused about any of such things as technology, platforms and cost while going for mobile app development. Our business executive will get back to you to help you in the best way possible.

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