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The Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends Coming in 2020

27 Dec. 19

There is no doubt about it, with a projected 3.5 billion smartphone users in 2020, companies are going to cater to the mobile app development market as it is one of the fastest-growing areas in technology advancement. Not only do smartphones offer easy and painless customer experiences, but they are convenient and sell extremely well, meaning that the majority of the world’s population will have one. As more businesses shift towards mobile, new trends are appearing. Here is what to expect to come in 2020.

  • 5G Wireless Internet Will Have a Major Impact: With 5G wireless on the cusp of deployment, we are going to see network speeds skyrocket to 100 times faster than what we are used to on current 4G networks. This is going to have a major & positive impact on numerous areas, including traffic capacity, connection density, latency, network efficiency, all of which will increase consumer’s experiences online. 5G will bring with it better data security, 3D gaming, and more augmented reality/virtual reality applications.
  • Instant Apps Are on the Rise: Pop onto the Google Play Store on your smartphone and take a look through the categories of applications. One of those categories is going to be “instant apps” which are native applications that you can try out immediately without having to install them on your device. Unlike native applications that need to be downloaded in full, you can instantly get access to any apps under the Instant App category. How does this work? Developers will partition the application into a small, runnable part, that you can use within seconds of tapping on it. If you want the full experience though, you may have to download the app fully. They are a great way to try out an app because they are small in size, provide excellent user experience, and do not take up the user’s mobile space. Yes, they are coming to IOS as well.
  • Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Will Continue to Transform: Over the past couple of years, we have seen the likes of Dino Trek, Pokémon Go, and Wizard’s Unite, all of which are augmented reality mobile gaming applications that provide consumers with a unique take on blending gaming with real-world surroundings. We have also seen this occur with virtual reality headsets and the likes of games like Beat Saber and Alyx, the new Half-Life game. Since these technologies have worked with success in the gaming market, it is projected that we will see AR come to marketing and advertising sectors, healthcare, and manufacturing.
  • Mobile Wallets Will Increase in Use: While most people tend to use online banking and e-commerce or tap their cards at the checkout line, there has been tremendous growth in the number of online payment options available. Consumers are shifting towards using mobile wallets instead, like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are making these applications more secure to use. Larger tech companies like Samsung are looking to get into the market by enhancing the scan and pay techniques that are used with mobile wallet transactions. Apple, on the other hand, is working on a peer-to-peer payment system, that will make sending money to friends and family, a whole lot easier.
  • We Will See More IoT in Mobile Apps: While the Internet of Things boasts smart cities and smart homes, it also lends itself to mobile app development. It is estimated that the total number of IoT enabled devices will hit the 20 billion market by 2020, making mobile remote-control applications more prevalent in the market. More people will adopt these types of applications in order to control non-IT equipment like their lights, blinds, and home temperature systems.

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