Impact of AI to the UAE Energy Sector

The Impact of AI to the UAE Energy Sector

17 Sep. 19
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According to the UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Omar Sultan Al Olama, not only is artificial intelligence reshaping the energy scene on a global scale, but the contribution of AI to the UAE energy sector is going to reach an estimated $2.85 billion by 2020. Technologies like data analysis, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are all emerging as key components in how the energy sector will be impacted and disrupted. While oil prices have dropped in the last few years, the disruption of these new technologies are going to yield higher returns on efficiency, safety, and security, enabling the country to make faster and more accurate decisions.

How the UAE can Use AI Within this Sector?

  • The country will use artificial intelligence, big data, and IoT to improve the operational side of directional drilling and hydraulic fracking. These technologies will help increase how efficient the extraction process of oil is. How? IoT will allow the UAE to control the manufacturing and production process of oil, make smarter decisions around its extraction, and use predictive maintenance in oil fields. Surveying for oil and gas will become much more accurate with the use of sensor technology, ensuring that only optimal regions are utilized.
  • The country can also use the Internet of Things to control oil fields, enabling them to get better analytics of what is happening underground. This data can then be used to create forecasts for the future to ensure that all oil and gas that is extracted is produced, stored, and transported in the most efficient way possible. As of right now, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) is using AI technology to unlock reserves of oil that were considered uneconomical before. The CEO of the company expects that this type of technology will allowUAE to become self-sufficient with gas and become a net-exporter of it.
  • Robots with artificial intelligence will allow the fields to become completely automated, enabling the production process to be optimized and streamlined. Human engineers, scientists, and robots will work in tandem with one another to ensure that the process remains online and as efficient as possible. Unmanned devices like drones can do inspections and surveys in remote areas and perform inefficient asks where human labor would not be ideal. Beyond this, automated shipping of oil and gas will occur with autonomous trucks.
  • The use of the digital twins, a 360-degree digital copy of physical assets, will enable workers to detect problems, improve business processes, and reduce down-time. This, in turn, will allow the UAE to develop new opportunities.

While the world continues to move towards renewable energy, the market currently cannot meet all the energy needs required, and as such the growth and demand for oil and gas will continue to expand soon. With this said, the use of Artificial Intelligence in the UAE oil and gas sector, positions the country to become a global leader of AI innovation. According to the UAE Minister of State, the outlook for the energy sector is positive despite economic slowdown, as the technological revolution continues to grow within the market.

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