Technology Will Make Healthcare Industry

How Technology Will Make Healthcare Industry Fit in 2018

27 Nov. 17
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2016 saw some of the major technological innovations. Healthcare is no exception. From surgical instruments to smart hospitals, the evolution is uprising patient healthcare in exciting ways. Analysts at Goldman Sachs predict digital technology will transform healthcare, revolutionizing access to care and bringing much-needed cost reductions. Technology has potential enough to enable us all to long and healthy lives. The following are few ways how.


The telemedicine services are not limited to geographic location anymore. The patients can have the highest quality of care even in remote areas, providing they have a smartphone and an internet connection. It saves both – time and money. Today, people no longer have to wait around visits. Patients can finally get rid of waiting for long hours to consult the doctor. Instead, they can simply go online for a quick conference call to get the prescription update or the required check-up. One of the surveys of 2015 states that “80% of the doctors believe that as compared to the traditional office visit, telemedicine is a better way to manage chronic diseases. Telemedicine not only offers accessibility to patients and healthcare providers but also a sense of freedom.
Nowhere has telepresence been more useful than in the mental health field. The people seeking emotional support can find access to counsellor or a therapist at the click of a button, often for far less than they would pay for a full office visit. Telemedicine makes it possible to receive treatment, eliminating the barriers related to cost and location.

Wearables And IoT

From health to retail, aerospace to construction, logistics to mining, IoT touches everything we do. Nowadays, your smartphone helping you manage your own well-being without setting foot out. Today, your mobile devices can serve as a thermometer or perform the blood test, all without even setting your foot out of your house. With automation, patients can enter their weight, pulse, oxygen levels; and transmit the details to the doctor in real time. Further, details entered on a regular basis could help predict heart disease risk or other illness.

Artificial Intelligence And Big Data

 The increase of mobile and wearable devices along with IoMT(Internet of Medical Things) are continuously uprising, working together to create a medical report accessible by your healthcare provider. Bringing Big data and healthcare together can help identify risk factors and recommend treatments. The data can not only be useful for the patients but also be used to carry out studies to predict mass healthcare trends for countries and cultures.

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