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Progressive Web Apps – Bridging The Gap In Web Space

29 May. 19
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Technology has changed and how, every day there is an update in software and Information technology. Progressive web app technology has truly bridged the gap between desktop and mobile. It has changed the concept of working offline. Though progressive web apps load like regular pages, its functionality includes working offline and getting push notifications.

So many big companies and brands use progressive web apps to improve their user functionality. Progressive web apps are supported by almost all the platforms including web browsers.

Why Progressive Web App Development is needed?

Mobile web app lags

Mobile web app lags so many features and here is where progressive web apps score the most. You can work offline with progressive web apps, which is not possible with a mobile web app. This is also good for people who frequently use apps. From bounce rates to loading, everything in PWA is better as compared to mobile apps.

Native apps are in abundance

When you go to the app market of android or iOS, you see tons of iphone applications. Even in similar categories, you’ll find many similar apps. Native apps are indeed in abundance and that is why it’s important to focus on progressive web apps. Indeed native mobile app development is popular with users of Smartphone but PWA will also make a difference for sure.

Progressive web apps have better ranks

Do you know search ranking is important for any app or website? In fact, when you make an app or a web page, you want it to feature in the first few pages of Google or app market. Progressive web apps have a better rank if you compare it with native apps. Your app won’t get buried back in the app store, it’ll be visible.

There is a retention problem with mobile apps

Native apps have a problem with user engagement. Once a user downloads the app, there is no guarantee that the user will make in-app purchases. This also depends on the type of content that your app offers. There is no problem with retention with progressive web apps. There is no
commitment and saving problem, so ease of use is great.

Generation of revenue

Revenue from the app is important. But, if you have a native mobile app, you need to give your share of revenue to Google or apple store. So, you don’t earn directly from the revenue share. Progressive web apps don’t come with progressive fees to pay and play. All the revenue you earn through PWA directly goes to the owner of the app.

Progressive web apps can replace mobile apps in the future because of flexibility and ease of use. Let us have a look why PWA is the future in web space.

Why Progressive Web ApP is the Future?

With the reach of the website and the functionality of native apps, progressive web apps are here to stay. In fact, in the future, these apps will be more popular to native apps that are available in the web market today. The many benefits of progressive web apps will make a difference for sure.

Feature-wise progressive web apps are better than native apps that are available in the app store.

Salient Features of the Progressive Web Apps:

Better user engagement Mobile or native apps are good at keeping you well engaged. But, progressive web apps have better user engagement. The best part about these apps is that you can work offline with the apps. Even if there is no internet connection, you can still work on progressive web apps. So, it engages users in a great way.

Highly reliable

Progressive web apps are reliable and responsible. You can access the apps from the web space as well as your Smartphones. The apps are also compatible with tablets. The reliability quotient of these apps is better if you compare it with native mobile applications. Being reliable, the apps are getting popular with time.

The speed is good

The best part about progressive web apps is the speed. The connectivity of the app is great and the speed is amazing. You don’t have to wait for loading and that saves on your time as well. Speed is a great feature and independent connectivity makes it a great pick. The app is also good at re-engagement because it features push notifications.

Easier to use

The progressive web app is safe to use and can be easily installed. You can keep the app on the home screen and use it whenever you want. You don’t have to download it from the app store. The update feature of PWA is also good if you compare it with native apps. The app is progressive regardless of the browser compatibility.

The use by big brands and companies

As its the next big thing, many big companies are using progressive web apps. Twitter, Ali express and Ali Baba have reported that the user engagement on their site has increased after the installation of progressive web apps. Users now visit twice as per the session. So, there is a great boom in the B2B trading session. It’ll surely benefit bigger companies in the future.

What it really holds In future?

From easy installation to cross-platform compatibility, from offline usage to the storage, progressive web apps have a great future for sure. Technology always empowers and makes your job easier. If there is a choice between native apps and PWA, most people will choose PWA because of its great features and overall support. The startups will benefit from the boom of
progressive web apps. The future looks good for these apps.

PWA is here to stay..

Progressive web apps have made the impossible possible. The connection between web pages and mobile apps is possible only with this kind of technology. Most users access their mobile phones so, it’s actually great that progressive web apps are providing that kind of engagement patterns. These apps not only reduce time but also provide a great user experience. Working offline is actually good if there is a problem in the network. Progressive web applications surely hold a great future in the web world.

How Let’s Nurture can help for Progressive Web App Development?

With FlipKart Lite and many other webpage applications getting launched, it has opened a new arena for the development of progressive apps. This may be just beginning but it seems that downloads may again become thing of past but till then let us know if you need an iOS app or Android app.

Let’s Nurture is an ISO 9001:2015 certified custom web application development company having expertise in almost all the domains of the web world. Hire expert web developers who are excellent proficiency on technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript using which the progressive web apps are built. Hire React Native developers from us who can also build Progressive web apps using React.js and JS module bundles. Let’s Nurture can help your company effectively embed the changes in your website to make it mobile friendly and progressive.

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