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Offshore development to foster your business

29 Jul. 17

Offshore Dedicated Center means the contracting of portions of work to outside suppliers, usually in an effort to reduce costs.
ODC reduces cost of hiring, setting up working place by just identifying the right people to do the business with. ODC is a concept that allows focusing on core business, allowing the organizations to achieve their strategic goals. IT outsourcing & Back office work has brought up a lot of innovation & cost effectiveness in business.

According to the Information Services Group, when focusing on contracts with a total value of more than 25 million U.S. dollars, the annual global revenue from information technology outsourcing is estimated to amount to between 60 and 70 billion U.S. dollars.

An estimate by Forrester Research sees global business and government spending for IT outsourcing and hardware maintenance at more than 440 billion U.S. dollars in 2016.

Benefits of ODC Model

According to a survey by Statistic Brain following are the reasons that companies opt offshoring:
ODC Model
Offshoring has multiple benefits that can aid in sustainable long term  growth of an organisation. These include having prodigy from different streams for specialized work, and more flexibility. Let us evaluate few of these benefits one-by-one:

  • Cost efficiency: Planning and implementing IT in-house will cost higher and take more efforts. However, outsourcing your IT requirements, you don’t have to worry about maintaining an infrastructure or a separate staff. All your IT needs would be taken care by a dedicated team.
  • Focus on the core business: ODC model will enable you to delegate activities to your offshore partner while you continue to manage the operations that you are familiar with and competent at. Organisations can save on their capital and time allowing them to focus on the core business growth.
  • Gain access to IT resources unavailable internally: A long hiring process needs to be followed to employ skillful IT staff. Outsourcing gives you access to skilled people, as and when you require them. Outsourcing can provide your company with a irrefutable level of scalability.
  • Time effectiveness: A typical work approach bounds your employees to a shift that includes some hours of the day for work. This means the organisation will only be open to business opportunities for some specific time-slot. Offshore development proves to be a solution that allows a company to run round the clock. With time zone difference, you get a partner that is available to support your business at hours that are considered odd to work for your geographic location.
  • Outsourcing saves a lot of time : IT operations might not be your prime competency, and therefore, not the most efficient use of your time. A lot of time is utilized in the IT management process which takes off focus from other operations. ODC not only helps your firm to save on time but also increases work efficiency.

Why Lets Nurture can be your best partner for Offshore Development?

LetsNurture has been serving esteemed clients worldwide. With an understanding of client requirements and vintage experience of employing technologies, we deliver a result that suits your needs. Our in-house team of skilled developers ensure that they serve the best of their knowledge. As the technology updates day by day, we train our employees to keep them updated with the advancements. This ensures the client of our technical capabilities to serve them the best. Following are the benefits to choose LetsNurture as your Offshore Development Partner:

  • State of the Art Development Centre
  • 24X7 Availability
  • Availability of Ad Hoc Staff
  • Cost Effective, and Reliable
  • Diverse Talent Pool
  • IoT & Smart Solution Provider
  • No IP Threat

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Global Presence Of LetsNurture

Along with adopting the technological advancements, we also inculcate cultural differences within the team. With our offices located in different parts of the globe, we are glad to be guiding you round the clock. The major benefit of having offices at multiple location is the endless possibility to cater multicultural audience. We have our presence at the following locations:

  • Colombia
  • Canada
  • USA
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • India

We have our versatile staff present at multiple locations to visit you and understand your core issues more precisely.. We speak your language (Spanish, French, English and Hindi) and we understand the cultural values too. LetsNurture understands the cultural ethics and festivities of different geographics and serves accordingly.
If you are looking for a right IT service provider that can nurture your requirements and follow ethical business process, reach us at

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