Robotic Process Automation RPA Tools

Most Popular Robotic Process Automation RPA Tools

22 Jul. 19
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Implementation of RPA technology not only helps to save time but also does the task efficiently. In every organization, there are repetitive tasks. RPA software is fully automated so its use provides efficient results in tasks and overall output. The software uses BOT function for the Robotic process automation.
Integration of RPA software normally depends on the individual company’s requirement. RPA software or system must have a great interface. It must communicate with other systems as well. Proper programming skills for RPA tools are required for great functioning. The type of software you use also depends on medium and large organizations.

Listed are the most popular robotic process automation tools:

  1. UiPath

    It provides all the core functions and it is user-friendly for non-developers too. It provides complete security by providing encryption and full access control based on the role. The automation speed of the software is amazing. It provides an open platform and it can handle processes in any number.
    It has a drag and drop facility and there are no programming skills required. It provides good features at a great price. The best part is the software is apt for any size of business and can be used in a flexible way. The software provides a free version for small teams and companies.

  2. Blue Prism

    The platform works with any application but you should have the right programming skill. It is user-friendly and it’s ideal for large and medium organizations. It supports a multi-environment deployment model along with the security network and software credentials. It can easily integrate with any software tool or application to provide you complete flexibility.
    The high-speed execution of the software saves a lot of time and effort. It gives you complete platform independence, which works for all the skilled tasks. Blue prism works on the right kind of programming skills so having a little technical knowledge will help you. It is marginally priced software.

  3. Automation Anywhere

    Automation Anywhere provides cloud and on-premise services. The software provides bank-grade security that keeps your system secured. It also provides security through encryption, credentials, and authentication. It’s perhaps the best software for big organizations. The software also provides real-time reports and analytics feature that gives you a detailed report about the project.
    It provides complete platform independence so that you can integrate your software with an internal system. It’s quite user-friendly and flexible. It provides all the core capabilities that you require for business functions. Auto automation feature saves time and effort of the employees as well.

  4. Contextor

    Its a perfect tool for front offices and work station appliances. It can communicate with all the active applications and other software applications that can be minimized. It can create workstation appliances in parallel and that is the major highlight of this software application. It also supports a hybrid visualization environment and Citrix.
    It provides a complete report and analytic function that can be used according to tasks. It works fast and in an efficient way. The best part is it can integrate with AI to give you a great performance and output result. It only supports windows operating system as of now.

  5. Kryon

    It’s the best RPA software that offers multiple solutions. It offers three different services for automation. It offers attended, unattended and hybrid solutions for business. An amazing tool that can help you to make decisions as well. The attended tool has the power to give you speed and accuracy for every task you perform with the help of technology.
    The hybrid automation helps to give you efficient results. The software provides a scalable technology and helps to increase the productive output of the company. It also provides a unique recording facility. The software can perform repetitive and time-consuming tasks without any issue. It is quite user-friendly and flexible in integration.

  6. Pega

    It is the most popular RPA software that is also a business project management tool. It can be used for desktop servers and cloud-based services. It works on Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is ideal for medium business organizations. It helps with deployment solutions and distributes work evenly to desktop, servers, and employees.
    You can manage work in an effective and automated way with this software. It saves everything in memory and not the database. As it’s event-driven, it works faster. It is reliable and strong software that you can use for automated tasks. You can buy the software on a monthly basis scheme.

  7. The right tool…

    When you choose a software always look for scalability, platform independence, and working capability. The software must integrate well with your system so that you get productive results.
    It must have great OS support and should be user-friendly. You can easily compare from the best tools available and then decide which one is best for your company. Compare all the features before you buy RPA software.

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