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LetsNurture Series – Know your state – Texas

15 Sep. 17

We read about some interesting fun facts about Michigan in our previous post of our ongoing ‘know your state’ series. Being an IT outsourcing firm, we were happy to discover that Michigan is adopting the mobile approach by implementing the ‘online ticket payment’ system, where the users can pay for their speeding tickets online.
Next state that we explored is a state that loves to wear cowboy boots. Any guesses?

The Lone Star State

Howdy, Texas?
With over 27 million of the population, Texas ranks second following California in most populous states of US. As a sovereign country (2016), Texas would be the 10th largest economy in the world by GDP. The capital of Texas is Austin and the most popular cities of Texas are Dallas, Houston, Irving, Austin and Fort Worth.
If Texas was a country, it would be among some of the largest crude oil-producing countries in the world. It is home to six of the top 50 companies on the Fortune 500 list.
Few of the major oil and gas companies are headquartered in Texas: ExxonMobil, Baker Hughes – GE branch of oil and gas, BP Exploration – BP subsidiary, Phillips 66, Valero Energy, ConocoPhillips, and Halliburton. Fluor Corporation is a multinational engineering and construction firm headquartered in Irving, Texas.
One of the prominent retail groups, 7-Eleven resides in Irving, Texas. Moreover, AT&T, the world’s largest telecommunications company is headquartered at Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas.

Few fun facts to know about Texas are as below:

Most Texans own a gun with ‘em. So if y’all are plannin’ to mess with any Texans; don’t. However, ‘Friendship’ being their motto, they really favour hospitality and take pride to be nice to people.
Texas is a state, liberal with speed limits – 80 mph speed limits. You are going to experience a lot of heat if you ever plan to reside in Texas. The weather is almost dry in Texas.
Chilli, which apparently doesn’t go with Kidney Beans, is a popular food that Texans savor.
Texas is the only state to have the flags of 6 different nations fly over it. They are: Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States.
Few of the major tourist attractions of Texas are: Six Flags over Texas, Sea World San Antonio, Zoo in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth, and Palo Duro Canyon. NASA operates a research center called Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas.

Tech Texas

Houston-based TRAClabs has developed robotic software that aims to mimic the way people think and act. Over the years, the company has developed code for various types of businesses as well as government organizations, including NASA.
C&D Skilled Robotics, based in Beaumont, has articulated robot arm (SCARA) systems, laser-guided vehicles (LGVs), and automatic truck loading system systems ATLSes.
Rackspace is a Cloud computing giant based in San Antonio, Texas.  Rackspace provides cloud computing solutions to the enterprises along with providing them with data centers. In addition to renting server space, companies can now also rent the software (SAAS development) they use on a monthly basis, have that software stored remotely and simply access their software applications via the Internet.

Innovative Startups over yonder

Primal Sensors

Primal Sensors is a startup that provides real-time enterprise asset tracking solution for commercial construction. Their enterprise management platform can track numerous assets, constantly collecting and maintaining data, providing analytics for project proficiency and allocation of resources. GPS Tagged resources can be monitored for theft or loss and workers can be monitored for efficiency and safety.

iLumi Solutions

iLumi Solutions makes a multicolor LED light bulb that can be wirelessly controlled with an iPhone or Android app. Via BLE solutions, users can set dimness, color, and turn lights on or off through the app. This Plano-based company raised more than $800,000 in venture funding raised more than $140,000 through a Kickstarter campaign.

Nurturing Texas

Being into the field of IT outsourcing since many years now, discovering that Texas is adopting many aspects of technology made us glad. We would love to explore potential opportunities to employee technology in Texas as it is said to be the IT export hub of the States.
Reach out to us for further queries. If you have an innovative idea, please share with us and give us an opportunity to turn it into success. Write to us at

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