LetsNurture Series - New-York

LetsNurture Series – Know Your State – New York

18 Aug. 17

As we acknowledged our readers in our previous post of this unique series that we started named ‘Know your state’, we are ready to explore one more rocking state of US.
The key purpose of practicing this series was to better understand different aspects of lifestyle of people in other countries to better sensitize and address their unique preferences, constraints &  predicaments. This would help the team to better confabulate with the clients and also help them to be familiar with different cultures around the world.
As we discussed the states of the US one-by-one, next in the series is a state that has a city that never sleeps, New York.

The Empire state

You can find people awake at the midst of the night. The people of New York are passionate about work and of course, party. New York city is ‘dumb’ happening city of this state with tourist attractions like Central Park Zoo and the iconic Statue of Liberty. The nightlife of New York is very enigmatic due to its youth population and the number of bars and pubs.
This discovery made our business team understand that we could expect the reply from our clients at any point of the day. The people of New York are responsive to the queries and would be available to have a discussion at any convenient time.

Few of the highlights of New York are as below:

New York has over 19 million of population. Its capital is Albany. The known cities are New York city, Buffalo and The Bronx.
The headquarters of United Nations is located in New York. The popular monuments of this state are Empire State Building, Lake Placid, Mansions in albany, Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center, Statue Of Liberty, Central Park Zoo, Museum of Modern Art, 9/11 Memorial Museum and many others.
Financial Industry being the king in New York, there are companies like Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America Merrill-Lynch etc., headquartered in the state. Another fostering industries of New York are Pharmaceutical and Fashion.

New York state’s alliances with Technology

We are always on the lookout for technology news and updates in every aspect. Hence, we researched about the adoption of new technologies in New York. We were glad to know that the offshore development center (ODC) model is been adopted by many niche firms in New York.
Machine learning, FinTech and IoT-based solutions are the three major trends stimulating the technology industry of New York.
Etsy, a peer-to-peer online store for handmade and vintage products, has been in news for adopting machine learning into practice soon.
The Guggenheim Museum, has espoused BLE app development to enhance the visitor experience. The BLE app ‘Near Me’, displays contextual audio, video and text about nearby art and exhibitions. Having explicit experience in BLE app development, this discovery really fascinated the business team of LetsNurture.

Innovative Startups of New York

IoT-based solutions being the subject of interest of technology enthusiasts in New York, there are a good number of startups that indulge in the same.


It is one such startup to inculcate IoT-based solutions. It has amalgamated all of your IoT devices into one app and lets you control and connect.


It is another such startup that implemented IoT-based solution for luggage. It provides a solution for connected smart-luggage.

Nurturing New York

Discovering that the museums in New York are quickly adopting to the BLE technology, we would be glad to explore such business opportunities. We see opportunities to enhance the visitor experience for tourism verticals like museums, art galleries and many more with our innovative product called ‘KonnectedArt’.
Being one of the leading offshore development centers, we have nurtured clients in New York with our technical capabilities. And we see a lot of potential to nurture New York in many other aspects. If you are an organization or an individual looking to turn your ideas into success, look no further. Write to us at info@letsnurture.com.

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