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LetsNurture Series – Know your state – Michigan

08 Sep. 17

We encountered the interesting facts of Illinois in the previous blog of ‘Know your state’ series. We were happy to explore Illinois as it is implementing unique technologies to become the first ‘Smart State’ of the USA by adopting IoT solutions to transform the workforce.
We explored our next destination, Michigan.

A State with The Car Capital

Detroit is known as the Car Capital as it has the headquarters of the automotive colossus, the ‘big three’: General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Michigan also consists the largest cement plant in Alpena. The plant belongs to one of the prodigious cement manufacturers, Lafarge. Moreover, Michigan also has a ‘cereal capital’, with a Kellog’s headquarter located in Battle Creek.

Here are some fun facts about Michigan:

Lansing is the capital of Michigan. The most popular cities in Michigan are: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren and Lansing. Michigan is the only US state that touches four major lakes: Huron, Michigan, Erie, and Superior.
If you can swim 300 miles, you can reach Canada. There is a Detroit–Windsor Tunnel connecting Detroit with Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
If you want a soda to drink ask for a ‘pop’. If you eat meat, coney dog is just made for you. What’s there to drink you ask? Well, there’s Vernor that consists Ginger Ale.
Note one thing down: You can’t buy or sell a car on a Sunday.
Places you can visit at your leisure are: Henry Ford Museum and Factory, Mackinac Bridge, Detroit Zoo, Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes, and Grand Rapids Public Museum.

Pay your speeding tickets online in Michigan

Michigan judges are putting technology to work, improving service to the public and being more efficient. Across Michigan, 118 courts offer the convenience of paying tickets online and 85 percent of Michigan citizens have access to online payment. In addition, several courts are beginning to offer online ticket resolution programs that allow eligible drivers the opportunity to reduce or eliminate points without having to take a day off and go to court.

Game changing Startups of Michigan


Feldman Automotive Group partnered with Valassis for Facebook ad and chatbot development. The Feldman-Auto-Group implemented chatbot development onto the Feldman Auto dealers’ Facebook newsfeeds using the Facebook Audience Network. The ad includes a button that users can click on to launch the native chatbot.
Being a chatbot development company, we were excited to discover how brilliantly this automotive company leveraged Facebook Ad along with Chatbots. This truly was an innovative idea that Valassis came up with.


A Grand Rapids based technology company, GeLo is helping pioneer beacon-based solutions that is already being adopted by Major League Baseball, the NBA and NFL.
GeLo’s beacon-based solutions have also been deployed at the Henry Ford Museum. The Grand Rapids Museum used them for its elaborate A to Z Scavenger Hunt. The hunt is an interactive game that keeps the visitors engaged while exploring the museum. Beacon-based solutions are widely used to enhance this experience in a more exclusive manner.

Nurturing Michigan

Discovering that Michigan has implemented online payments for ticketing, we are eager to explore further on how they implement other technologies into practice. We would love to explore potential opportunities to foster the IT requirements of Michiganians.
Reach out to us for further queries. If you have an innovative idea, please share with us and give us an opportunity to turn it into success. Write to us at

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