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LetsNurture Series – Know Your State – California

25 Aug. 17

If you are following our series of ‘know your state’, you are likely to know by now that we will be coming up every week with one state of the USA. If you haven’t been following the series yet, below are the links for your reference.
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To understand our clients and their requirements more precisely, we introduced a series of ‘know your state’ among the business team. The prime purpose of introducing this series was to understand different issues of our clients in various states within US before presenting them the solutions.
As we discussed the highlights states of US one-by-one, next in the series is the ‘Hollywood’ state, California.

A State of Silicon Valley

California is the most populous state in the United States and the third most extensive by area. California is popular for Silicon Valley. It is the home to many of the world’s largest high-tech corporations, including the headquarters few of the businesses in the Fortune 1000, and thousands of startup companies. As of 2013, the region employed about a quarter of a million information technology workers.
Few of the high-tech companies headquartered in Silicon Valley are: Alphabet, Adobe, Oracle, Google, HP, Netflix, Cisco, Facebook, Yahoo, and eBay.

Few of the highlights of California are as below

The total population of California is 39.25 million (2016). Sacramento is the capital of California. Los Angeles is the most populated city of California.
California is notable as the home of the U.S. film industry, including several of its historic studios. It accounts for nearly 90% of American wine production.
Fresno, is the Raisin Capital of the World. California has more national parks than any other state in USA.
International trade and tourism, Agriculture, Energy and Technology are significant industries of California.

California – a home to several technology giants

Being into IT outsourcing industry for more than eight years, we love to research on technological aspects in different geography. We cater a clientele worldwide which adheres us to understand the adoption of technology and the advancements of it across the globe.
Hence, we explored the technology industry of California. We were glad to discover that our very own GitHub had a headquarter in San Francisco, California.
People in California are tech savvy. They use a lot of different gadgets and are known for widely using technology in their routine. This elevates the spirit of the business team to the prospective clients that have a clear set of requirements.

Smart startups of California

Technology is a an ever growing industry. With many enhancements and new innovations, it has never failed to impact the socio-economy. IoT solutions have made its impact in almost every industry and almost across all the continents. California is no different. There are many innovative IoT solutions initiatives by startups in California. Silicon Valley is a pool of such innovative startups. Let’s explore one such example of Silicon valley IoT startup:


Arable has introduced IoT solutions for farming. With a product called ‘Pulsepod’, Arable has innovated a solution for smart agriculture.
The Pulsepod includes sensors that monitor six spectral bands in the visible and near infrared light frequencies. This innovative IoT solution is used to determine how much plant material is required in an area. It also measures the uptake of chlorophyll, and track moisture in both plants and in the atmosphere.

Way (What Amazes You)

Way.com is a platform for on-demand entertainment. This sounds fun, right? This startup made movie tickets, booking a table at a restaurant and parking easy with just one touch on your smartphone. Parking is the most tedious thing when going to a movie or shopping or dining out at a restaurant. You always have to wonder around to find an empty parking space. Way.com has introduced a smart parking solution. Its an IoT solution that allows the users to book a parking space in advance. With a feature of ‘swipe to open’, the users can open the parking gates by just a swipe on the app.

Nurturing California

Knowing that California is widely engrossed in learning and adopting new technologies, we are excited to explore new opportunities. We have nurtured several enthusiastic clients from California with our technological solutions. And would love to explore potential opportunities.
Reach out to us for further queries. If you have an innovative idea, please share with us and give us an opportunity to turn it into success. Write to us at info@letsnurture.com.

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