LetsNurture Series - Alaska

LetsNurture Series – Know your state – Alaska

11 Aug. 17

At LetsNurture, we have catered clients from across the globe. We have a geographically and culturally diverse clientele. For better understanding of the clients’  and their requirements, LetsNurture came up with a series that involve learning about different culture around the globe.
Relationship development is dependent on how well we can engage the client outside the technical discussions. People in general feel more engaged and forthcoming, when we can talk to them from a perspective of awareness and understanding of their specific culture. And to bring this conversational skills into practice, we started a series of presenting and discussing different cultures across all parts of the world.

The motive behind ‘know your state’

We started the activity with a country that we nurture the most – US. Our business development team utilized their research skills to understand the culture of different states of the US. Each of the team members was allocated with a respective state to present the information about it to others.
The prime purpose of introducing this series was to better understand different aspects of life and lifestyle of people in various states within US to better sensitize and address their pain points. This would help the team to be familiar with different cultures around the world and better converse. As we discussed the states of the US, one-by-one, we also presented the highlights of the discussion per state in the series. Let’s start with Alaska.

Discovering The Last Frontier

What we felt interesting about Alaska is that it isn’t seen with other states of The U.S. It actually is seen close to Canada in the world map. Geographically, it shares one of its borders with Canada and none with the ‘Lower 48’. Another fascinating fact about Alaska is that it is the only state that does not collect state sales tax or levy an individual state income tax.

Below are some other noteworthy facts about Alaska

The capital of Alaska is Juneau. Two most prominent cities – Sitka and Anchorage. ‘Sitka Summer festival’ is popular music festival held in Summer. A popular movie ‘Into the wild’ was shot is Anchorage.
Though being the largest state of the US by area, with the population being 741,894 as for 2016, it is the third least populated preceded by North Dakota and Vermont.
It is also called the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, because the sun shines nearly round the clock during Alaskan summers. Mendenhall Glacier is a popular tourist attraction.
Alaska experience all the seasons, however, is covered with snow most of the time.
Petroleum being the dominating industry in Alaska, Alaska Petroleum and Alaska Oil and Gas Association are the biggest companies present there.
Apart from the major industry of Alaska, Carrs-Safeway, a subsidiary of Albertson, chain of supermarket, is also popular in Alaska.
Apart from the interesting things that we discovered about Alaska, we also understood how the weather can be severe. Alaska observes extreme snowfall. We would understand if our client would not be able to communicate with us in such a horrid condition.

Hot technologies of the freezing state

Being a leading IT outsourcing company, we always thrive to acknowledge the technological aspect of the country in subject. We discovered that Alaska is investing in adopting the technological enhancements.
The Department of Technology of Alaska has adopted IoT solutions in late 2016. This IoT solution was implemented to predict the snowfall severity with the help of sensors attached  to the DoT trucks. IoT solutions majorly helped the government of Alaska to decide whether to de-ice the roads during heavy snowfall.

Nurturing Alaska

Alaska, being the state that observes heavy snowfall, it becomes difficult for the locals to mow the snow. People need to hire snow mowers which again is another tedious task. There is a lot of competition and the rates would be too high as well. People are not able to compare the rates from different service providers. On-demand platform for snow mowing services, serves a solution to these issues.
LetsNurture would be happy to assist you to fulfill your IT requirements. You can hire our dedicated developers to serve your technology needs. If you are an organization or an individual looking to turn your ideas into success, look no more. Write to us at info@letsnurture.com.

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