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Latest Trends in Robotic Process Automation

12 Jul. 19
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RPA technology is gaining prominence in the IT industry and bigger companies. The technology uses an automated process and integrates with the system to give you efficient and great output. But, every technology updates with time. RPA technology also updates in features and its trends keep changing.
Over the years, RPA has experienced robust growth. The technology has become synonymous with enterprises, markets, and individuals too. It also helps to integrate with bigger data and tools. For the use of RPA in industry, you must be well versed with the latest trends in technology.

Listed are the latest trends in Robotic Process Automation:

  1. Job opportunities will increase

    In the coming time, RPA will eliminate human responsibilities and replace everything with the automated process. RPA will increase job opportunities; just the roles will be changed. It will help the business to grow and increase productive output. By learning new skills, you’ll be able to work on RPA technology.
    This will help to create a digital platform where everything will be automated. More than 60,000 industry robots were deployed from 2010 to 2015. The deployment helped to create more than 230,000 jobs.

  2. Deployment in RPA mainstream

    Most companies will deploy RPA in the mainstream just to experience competition. According to RPA predictions of 2019, more companies will deploy the process of RPA in their business. This will not only help in growth of business but also give them the right exposure in business. The enhanced deployment will make RPA more popular in industries

  3. More tools will integrate with RPA

    RPA process will integrate with new technology to give you efficient results for your business output. Center of excellence is responsible for classifying and distributing innovations in RPA. With this, there will be effect integration in your business systems.
    RPA will be more expansive and will bring in a new change and innovation in the business functioning. It will completely transform the human workforce that’ll help to create a more powerful digital workforce.

  4. RPA adoption will increase long-term growth

    More than 3.1% of industries believe that deployment of RPA will increase the long-term growth of the business. There will be a huge increase in deployment of RPA from 3.1 to 36 % in the coming time.
    In 2019, you’ll see the adoption of RPA in various IT industries as well. It’ll have a great impact on business processes and enterprises. RPA will have a more positive impact on adoption of the process in the long run.

  5. Artificial intelligence will have significant advancement

    Using the process of artificial intelligence, you’ll be able to develop the best framework for your business processes. RPA process helps to save time and increases productivity. AI and machine learning both technologies are cognitive for business. RPA along with AI can help to provide logic solutions and natural voice recognition.
    It also helps to create BOTS to repeat the activities. RPA process along with AI will create a great impact in the coming time making things easier and automated. It will change the need for operations.

  6. Improvement in customer experience

    RPA technology will have a direct impact on employee engagement and customer solutions. Most companies focus on great customer satisfaction and its the need of the hour.
    RPA process helps to respond to customer grievances and also addresses customer problems giving them feasible solutions. An automated chat feature is a feasible option in customer experience. It builds great brand loyalty and brings in good reviews for your company.

  7. Robots will replace business process outsourcing

    According to 2019 trends, robots will replace business process outsourcing. RPA will have a huge impact on outsourcing solutions. Most big companies have already moved to automated solutions in BPO. In the coming year, RPA will determine who should have a job and who shouldn’t. This will change the working environment of the companies as well.

  8. Robots and human teams will work along

    The trend of attended robots is sure to catch up in 2019. Attended robots team up function with human teams and also perform human functions. Big companies are rapidly adopting attended robots for efficiency in outputs.
    There will be a huge increment in the adoption of attended robots. It is sure to reach up to 70 % this year as compared to 50% in the year 2018.

  9. Growth in IoT and big data

    Artificial intelligence and RPA technology adoption are rapidly increasing with time. Bigger companies are deploying robots in various departments like packaging and production. As smart devices integrate with IoT, it creates a great volume of unstructured data. RPA plays an active role in analyzing unstructured data. It streamlines the data process and improves data management in business.

  10. Large enterprises will become more scalable

    RPA helps to increase focus on value-added business activities. Along with the human workforce, technology has become more intuitive and innovative. With RPA technology, the human workforce will give more emphasis on higher-level tasks in business.
    This will increase more productivity thus improving efficiency and quality of services in the business. RPA technology offers highly scalable workforce along with complete flexibility. RPA industry will deliver more useful applications to make business more scalable.
    RPA trends in the coming time will change the diversity of ownership and will focus on customer engagement. RPA is not a new concept but it will surely make an impact in the coming time.

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