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Is Voice Assistant Technology Safe For Children?

08 May. 19
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Voice assistant technology is the need of the hour. Your one command can make things easier for you.

But, is voice-assistant technology safe for your children? Well, if you use Amazon Alexa at home, naturally your children will use it too.

From funny questions, entertainment to playing games and advice, your children will ask every possible thing to the voice assistant. But, this is not good in a way. There is a need to be watchful for providing access to children. If they get habituated, then it can affect their communicative skills as well. But, there are many benefits of using the technology.

How it is beneficial for parents?

Creating a quick list

With Amazon Alexa, parents can create a quick do to list for the day. There are so many school activities, creating a list would make the job easier for parents. The list can also be created for different kinds of work.

Set reminders for children

It’s easier to set reminders for your children through Google assistant or Alexa. If you are a working parent, you can set a reminder for studies, playing and eating routine. Your child will simply follow the routine according to the reminder.

Tell stories

With the voice skill feature of Amazon Alexa, you can turn it into a storyteller. Just select a skill and ask it to read a children’s story. There are different variations to choose in this feature as well. It’ll entertain your child for sure.

Keep your child engaged

With Alexa skill development feature, you can keep your child engaged for hours. With crazy child interactive features, your child will feel amazing. It’s a great way to develop interactive and cognitive skills of your child.

Set timers

Same as reminders, you can also set timers. If you want your child to focus on a particular activity during a day, you can set a reminder. Like, you can set a reminder for cleaning the room or reading a book.

Play kids friendly music

With Alexa, you can set music stations for children. You can also customize kid’s friendly music for them. They’ll listen to the tracks you customize or the station that you choose. It is a safer option if you compare it with popular music options.

Set clock

It’s a tiring job to wake up your children, right? You might be having many versions of alarm clock for them. But, if the clocks don’t work, you can choose Alexa for setting an alarm. The great features will help you wake up your child in no time.


From Bingo, Tic-tac-toe to the Magic door, Alexa has so many games that’ll keep your children well occupied. The best part is that your children can choose a category they love to play the most.

Turn off the lights

Being a smart parent, you can also turn off the lights with the help of Alexa if your child is asleep. You can turn off the lights using the smart home and add a device feature of Alexa. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Benefits of voice assistant technology for children

Integration of gadgets

Integration of various gadgets is perhaps the best feature of the voice assistant. From home appliances to electronic devices, everything can be integrated with voice assistant technology. If both the parents are working, it becomes easier for children to use gadgets.

Convenience of use

It’s the smart generation and children love to use different kind of gadgets. In fact, half the time you’ll find them playing games or watching something on tablet. For children, use of voice assistant like Google assistant is a great feature

Voice commands for easy learning

Alexa skills development feature guides and help your children in many ways. Through this feature, your children can learn many things. Interactive features and voice commands are great for easy learning. You can also set customized options for commands.


Voice assistant technology provides assistance like no other. Your child can ask any query or question. Most parents set this to parental control feature so that there is no misuse. Safety wise also it’s much secured for your child.

Communication is better

In today’s times, communication skills are the most important. Your child has to learn good skills in order to excel. Amazon Alexa and Google assistant can help to improve the communication skills of your children. With prolonged use, it can also help to develop language skills.

7 out of 10 children are using voice assistant today

According to a recent survey, 7 out of 10 children are using voice assistant technology because of the ease of use. 92% of children reported that they used the technology to find out information, ask funny questions and play music.

Children even used technology for playing games. The survey was done in the age group of 8 to 17. This only means that voice assistant technology is getting popular with time and most children use it for their convenience.

Should parents be concerned?

Too much of exposure to gadgets is not good. As a parent, you would want to limit that time. But, use of voice assistant technology is actually good for children with parental control feature.

Being a smart parent, you can set controls for your child. The accessibility and features will work according to your set controls. Use of technology is good for your child as your child will be smart and updated about things. If you think it’s going overboard, you can always switch it off.

In a Nutshell

Voice assistant technology is surely trending with young children. They interact with technology in the same way as they do it with people. The only thing you need to consider is teaching your children ways to interact with voice assistant technology.

You need to create a secure platform for them so that there is no misuse of technology. Explain to your children about technology and talk about safety and security too. Once they are aware of the use, they’ll feel empowered to use the technology.

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