IoT tech proliferation in agriculture

IoT tech proliferation in agriculture- The new normal

28 Aug. 19
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Technology has made lives easier for people in every sector. From big IT companies to healthcare, adopting technology has impacted everyone. IoT has also made an impact on the agricultural sector. According to a survey, the IoT market in agriculture stood at 1.8 billion dollars globally.

It is further expected to grow by 4.3 billion dollars by the year 2023. The global population is about to reach 9.6 billion by the year 2050. To feed people globally, it must adopt the internet of things technology in agriculture. IoT technology can race against challenges like extreme weather conditions, environmental impact, and climatic changes.

How IoT can change the scene of agriculture

Sensors were earlier introduced in the agricultural operations. The sensors longed the data to the attached memory and then people used it for tasks. Now, the sensors are connected to the cloud via a satellite network. The real-time data from the sensors help to make the decisions as well.

The different applications of IoT in the agricultural industry help the farmers to know about the water tank level in real-time. This helps to make the process of irrigation competent. It helps farmers to know about the time taken by the seed to grow into a fully grown vegetable. IoT is like a green revolution for farmers in the agricultural sector.

Smart farming techniques help to grow food in a more sustainable way. The interconnectivity and sensor system not only saves time but also efforts. The best part about IoT integration in agriculture is, it reduces the use of resources like electricity and water.

It helps to keep factors like soil and humidity in check. The real-time data analysis and observation of IoT can help farmers produce more than traditional ways. As new technology and tools drive modern agriculture, it helps to develop better seed quality and proper irrigation technique.

Ways modern technology and tools can improve agriculture:

  • Using ultrasounds for live stocks

    You might have heard about ultrasound technique to diagnose. But do you know ultrasound can also be used for the agricultural technique? It helps to discover the quality of meat that you might find before it goes to the market.

    When the DNA is tested, it helps to identify the animals with pedigrees and other qualities. This information can help the farmers to know about their herd quality. Ultrasounds for livestock helps farmers know about the quality.

  • Controlling crop irrigation system with Smartphones

    Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. The proper use of smartphone integrated with technology can make all the difference in the agricultural sector. Mobile technology is playing its part in controlling and monitoring the crop irrigation system.

    With the integration of the Smartphone, the farmer can directly control the irrigation system from the app on the phone. There’ll be no need to drive to individual fields to check the systems. The moisture sensors that are in the ground will communicate and let a farmer know about the level of moisture in the soil.

  • Crop sensors

    Crop sensors help to apply the fertilizers in an amazing way by maximizing the uptake. Crop sensors can sense the crop and help to reduce the potential runoff into the ground. This saves time and effort both. There is no need for making a perception for fertilizers before application with this.

    Crop sensors help application equipment to apply the fertilizers in real-time. Farmers can also use optical sensors that help to know about the amount of fertilizer needed by a plant. It is also based on the light reflected through the sensor in real-time. Crop sensors are a great innovation for farming.

  • Use of cameras

    Use of technology and cameras can help to keep a tab on the farming activity. Some farmers use the foursquare app for keeping a tab on the farm. Livestock managers wire-up their barn feedlots and all the green pastures with cameras that help to send images to a central location like an office.

    This helps to keep a closer eye on the animals when they are away from home or are not there at night. The scrutiny through cameras helps the farmers stay updated on their farms and fields. Farmers can use different cameras for this purpose. There are special apps that can be used as well.

  • Use of GPS in agriculture

    GPS in agriculture can be used for site-specific farming and precision farming. It helps in farm planning and field mapping techniques that help in easy access. It helps farmers in tractor guidance along with soil sampling. It helps farmers in variable rate applications and yield mapping.

    The best part about GPS is it allows the framers to work in zero percent visibility and that saves on time. It helps farmers to know about extreme conditions and helps in interruption-free farming. GPS technology is being widely used in the agricultural sector today and is helping farmers in every possible way.

The agricultural future with new technology

Technology in agriculture will help farmers and make the process of farming efficient. With technology, there will be a transition in the modern agricultural field. Modern technology has to be integrated with agriculture to give great results.

The use of technologies like AI and AR in agriculture will help to bring innovation and will change the course of things. Millions of farmers will benefit from the innovations and advancement of technologies.

Vertical farming is one such example of how modern agriculture is changing with time. With the acquisition of real-time information and sensors, framers will gain more profit.

There has been a massive adoption of new techniques and technologies in farming methods, but the future looks bright as well. Farmers don’t need to spend time in acquiring small data from the farm fields.

With the use of apps and smart senor technology, everything can be taken care of. The only need is to educate the farmers about the use of new technologies in farming.
It will not only reduce the efforts they make but will also help them make a profit. IoT in agriculture along with other technologies will change the way farming is done in the future.

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