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IoT and Livestock: How Internet of Things is Changing Farmers’ Lives

06 Dec. 17
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Agriculture is not something that people think of immediately, when it comes to internet. Most people relate it to their Smartphones and Computers. Little do they know, Internet of Things (IoT) is not only allowing farmers to connect and operate their devices with internet but also leverage internet to reduce waste and increase productivity. So, how does a farmer decide which aspects are most useful?

Health Monitoring

IoT App Solutions leverages the benefit to monitor the livestock health, which can result into preventing losses. IoT solutions for livestock generally employ wearable that connects low-bandwidth technology to stream data to the cloud. Connected wearables monitor heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, digestion and other vitals that allow farmers to be alerted at the sign of illness.

The IoT health monitoring can resolve feeding issues and prevent animals from illness. With the sensors built-in wearable measures animal’s behaviour and conditions. This can help farmer save costs by taking correct actions soon.


Reproductive Cycle Monitoring

IoT can also help monitor animal’s reproductive cycle when they go into heat and are ready to birth. For instance, IoT device can notify farmer when cow is in heat(Cows can be in heat for around eight hours). The same IoT device can also notify farmer when cow goes into labor, making calving process safer. This eliminates the continuous supervision to check whether calving has started or not.


Location Tracking

An animal’s location can also be tracked with the help of IoT wearable device. This can be really helpful to farmers raising free range and pastures livestock. It can immediately locate sick animal or the animal who has gone into heat and separate it from herd, providing further treatment. The movement pattern of an animal’s location can also be tracked with the help of the wearable device. The same wearable device can notify farmer when animal’s behaviour appears to be different. Location tracking feature can be optimized along with health and reproductive tracking devices.


Livestock Feeding and Milk Maximizing

Farmers can track specific behaviors in their herds to determine how frequently they feed with the help of IoT device. They can correlate cows’ movements with specific behaviors such as grazing, socializing or lying down chewing the cud. This same device can also help increase milk production, allowing cows to be milked several times a day at their likeable time. The sensors build within wearable around cow’s neck notify farmer when cow is about to be milked, personalizing the session for her. This device also tracks milking amount and speed. Farmers can also track the amount of food cow consumed and amount of steps taken in a day. With the help of the databased gained from cow’s activity, farmer can help cow improve their diets to increase lactation.

Ultimately, Farmers will be the one who take care of their Livestock, but IT can help simplify and optimize many steps involved. Integrating IoT technology can help monitor animal’s individual health, movement, location and much more. This can result into increase in farmer’s productivity and revenue.


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