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How Remote Diagnostics Kiosks can be beneficial for Health Canada ?

01 Dec. 18
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According to survey done by Accenture, Canada is the lagging behind the other 7 nations- Australia, England, France, Germany, Singapore, Spain and the United States.

Why Health Canada needs to consider installing Remote Diagnostic Kiosks?

Technologies and innovations have brought ultimate transformation to the healthcare industry. Then why Canada is lagging behind other countries? It has been a long run for Health Canada to realise. Health Canada is the department of the government of Canada with responsibility for national public health. However, Health Canada has started initiative to adapt and implement innovations and smart healthcare solutions.

There are cost concerns for personal care for the people in Canada. It is a common issue for people in all provinces and Health Canada altogether. Portable or Remote Diagnostic Health Kiosks is an IoT based smart healthcare solution which can be answer to this problem to some extent.

In the midst of range of healthcare solutions which are proposed, Health Canada expects that this initiative will benefit Canadian patients and the health care system by improving access to innovative digital health technologies that have rapid development cycles while potentially saving health care system costs.

What is Remote Health Diagnostic Kiosk?

It is a unique portable health diagnostic kiosk which can be used for various tests along with improving user experience. Users can be anyone- a patient, health professional, pharmacist or a member of a health network, the services the device offers is meant to provide support for all.

This kiosk is connected to cloud server that can send the diagnosis results to doctors for further prognosis leveraging custom web app or mobile app development. Data of users would well documented, secured and precise without any failure in data management. Due to the service that are offered with such kiosks, health professionals are able to diagnose and prescribe based on the patient’s medical information. Pharmacies are assured of authentic prescriptions and can track payments.

What does it measure?

The multifunctional remote diagnostic health kiosks can be incorporated with multiple bluetooth based devices and represent a whole package to be used independently. Following bluetooth based kits and many more can be incorporate according to the needs:

  • Blood pressure device
  • Glucose meter
  • Weighing scale
  • Thermometer
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) measuring instrument
  • Heart rate and Pulse Measurement
  • Blood diagnosis
  • Eyesight test
  • Hearing Test
  • Respiratory monitoring

To make the hospitals go ‘Smart’, what else could be better than installing IoT based Remote Diagnostic Healthcare Kiosk solutions!

Features of Remote Diagnostic Kiosks

Automated platform for better Doctor-Patient Engagement

Remote diagnostic kiosks is a robust, reliable and user friendly healthcare solution through which patients can check and get instant health information. The data can be sent in a well documented format to the doctors to have a check. Doctors can analyse and get back to the patient with precise information. There can be a feature of Video conferencing for a better consultation in real-time. This certainly can eliminate longer waiting times for the patients while having instant and precise information that includes photo and video files.

Boosts Efficiency of Doctors/ Hospital Staff

Such portable healthcare kiosks can be a boon for the doctors and hospital staff members. It helps tremendously in offering great services to patients and staff of healthcare facilities, doctor’s clinics, hospitals, etc. Patients and visitors can enter the details in the kiosk to explain the symptoms along with demographic and insurance information. They can simply select the categories and areas of pain or concern and answer the following questions accordingly. This eliminates human intervention in getting all the things done and doctor can simply know the cause of concern and give prescription accordingly. This healthcare kiosk solution is the efficient way in transferring patient information to nurses or hospital staff.

Easy to keep users updated

Health diagnostic kiosks can be updated for various purposes. One such case is a prevalent disease in the country. Should the patient is diagnosed, he can be sent home immediately and the prescription for further course of medication can be sent via mail and other mediums of communication. This is to ensure that virus does not spread to the other patients around.

Summary on how Portable Kiosks help Users/ Doctors

For Hospitals:

  • Centralized management platform for hospitals
  • Custom, user friendly, robust and secure
  • Keeps patients-hospital staff updated
  • Boosts efficiency of doctors-hospital staff
  • Can help pharmacies in tracking payments

For Users:

  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Less waiting time
  • Instant and accurate information
  • More awareness towards healthcare
  • Cost effective option for diagnosis

Where Health Canada can install Health Diagnostic Kiosks?

Depending upon the needs, Health Canada can implement remote health diagnostic kiosks for the following:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Heroin & Drug de-addiction Clinics
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Government, Semi-government & Regional offices
  • City Centers

Why it is important to choose the Perfect Technology Partner?

To implement a complete, robust, secure, smart and remote healthcare diagnostic solution, it is imperative to select the best Remote health diagnostic kiosk solution providers.

This is to ensure:

  • User friendliness
  • Best-in-class UI/UX
  • Cloud server setup for enhanced communication
  • Hardware compatibility with software platform for desktops, Android and iOS devices
  • Integration with EHR
  • HIPAA & HL7 compliance

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How Let’s Nurture can help for Remote Health Diagnostic Kiosk Solution?

Our experience in providing mhealthcare solutions have made us the best healthcare solutions firm in PEI, Canada. We are confident to be the best IoT based healthcare solution providers.

Our Experience in Smart Health Diagnostic Kiosk Solutions

We have developed Android and iOS mobile app platform by overcoming compatibility issues of a kiosk for our client in Singapore. The kiosk consists of blood pressure monitor, glucose monitor, BMI measuring instrument, thermometer and weighing scale. We have expertise in working with smart sensors and bluetooth 5.0 enabled hardware devices along with custom IoT app development. IoT developers at Let’s Nurture are experienced in IoT app development and integration, IoT Plug-ins development, IoT app enhancements, IoT migration or upgradation and more.

It would be a pleasure to talk about the innovative ideas you may have for the similar or other mhealthcare solutions in Canada. Please contact our experts here or call us for instant chat on +1 902 620 9098.

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