Healthcare App Development Shifting from Record Keeping to Advisory

24 Jan. 19

When it comes to personal wellness and healthcare mobility solutions, digital devices and smartphones are radically changing and transforming the healthcare system we have become familiar with. Health and fitness apps are on an explosive growth trend, becoming the gold standard in both data collection and storage for health data management, recording everything from your exercise levels to your sleep patterns. Through this data collection, physicians can monitor patient conditions, manage chronic diseases, and receive and act on information about vital signs and activity levels.

Healthcare Data Management turns to Smart Healthcare Advisory

Our smartphones and wearables become more intelligent, interactive and proactive leveraging technologies like custom mobile app development and wearable app development. Innovations in healthcare industry have catered new capabilities that are allowing our healthcare mobile apps to shift from just being record keepers of our health to become hand-held health advisors. With on the spot medical advice, heart rate measurements and even body temperature monitoring, medical applications are now user-friendly and multi-functional. Let’s take a look at how healthcare apps are making this leap from data collection to providing functional feedback.

Healthcare Mobile Applications are Enhancing Patient Care Experience


Healthcare Mobility Solutions for Patient Care
Healthcare Mobility Solutions for Patient Care


In the days without smartphones and wearables, if patients were having a problem they would have to travel to the nearest clinic or hospital. Medical and healthcare mobility solutions are eliminating the need for patients and doctors to be in the same location at the same time in order for there to be a recommendation or diagnosis provided. This is great news for patients who suffer from chronic diseases in rural areas, as these types of patients may not have access to doctors in a quick and timely manner as they may be several miles away in the next city over. Rather, patients can use one of the many healthcare applications to access a doctor or clinical physician leveraging on demand healthcare app development, and receive expert consultation straight away.

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Mobile apps leveraging healthcare app development, although virtual, can be provided permitting that the doctor has access to the digital data that a healthcare mobile app has captured. Beyond being able to access a virtual assessment, a patient’s wait time on receiving a treatment plan or diagnosis is cut down as they will not have to wait for approval from their insurance company or wait in line at a clinic. This is a great example of patient care solutions for healthcare industry.

Healthcare Apps Resulting Huge Improvements in Access to Healthcare & Patient Engagement


Patient Engagement Solutions
Patient Engagement Solutions


One of the major barriers to healthcare accessibility is the lack of patient engagement due to aspects such as:

  • Long wait times in lines at healthcare facilities
  • Lack of transparency in treatment plans
  • Lack of quality of services
  • High cost of traveling to the physician’s office and home again
  • Complex and cumbersome Paperwork process deteriorating Patient experience

Digitization in healthcare industry have led us to the time where healthcare apps are removing this complexity by eliminating the need to travel into the physician’s office, eliminating wait times when you get there by notifying you via text that your physician is running late, and laying out vital information like procedures, risks, and cost of treatment upfront. In addition to this, digital healthcare mobile apps can get to know you making things like refilling a prescription and having it shipped to the nearest location, automatic, efficient, and easy.

Digital Medical Apps catering Patient Care Solutions at Home


Medical Apps for Patient Care at Home
Medical Apps for Patient Care at Home


One of the most challenging issues that patients face when dealing with a complicated treatment plan, is the ability to recall said plan and then follow it. On top of this, reading through your doctor’s notes can be tedious, tiresome, and difficult to understand if they are not provided in common terms. Plus, a lot of patients may have a hard time remembering which tasks are the most important, which side effects they should be looking out for, and how to safely engage with their health protocol. Digital applications are making this a lot easier by placing urgent tasks at the top and allowing the app to delegate the rest out via notifications, reminders, and alarms. Finally, there is a sense of safety in that the data collected by the app can be transferred to your doctor at any time, ensuring that you are managing your health correctly and promptly at home.

Mobile Apps Provide On-Demand Readouts to Healthcare Professionals


Mobile solutions for Healthcare Professionals
Mobile solutions for Healthcare Professionals


With how current healthcare records are digitized, finding specific data points on patients can be time-consuming, inefficient, and make the difference between a successful split second decision and a wrong choice. Due to the fact that digital healthcare applications store and collect a massive amount of healthcare related patient data and sorts it in an on-demand and easy to read report or synopsis, finding specific data points is as easy as using a simple keyword, phrase, or metric. Better yet, this data does not have to be collected or found in-house and can be accessed while the patient is at home, in out-patient care, or even while they are in treatment. Now that technology can monitor a patient 24/7, physicians are provided with a wider range of data points, leading to more accurate readouts that can be accessed on-demand through data transfer.

Let’s Not Forget About Add Ons That Will Revolutionize Access to Medical Equipment

Finally, as our smartphones and wearables become more capable, we may begin to see the medical market open up to the idea of portable medical equipment that can attach to our devices. Things like portable stethoscopes that slot into your phone via the headphone jack may be able to record the sound of your heart and lungs, while a phone case may be able to detect your heart rate via your fingertips, and a portable ultrasound scanner that slots into your mini-usb port may be able to scan your organs. All of which can provide accurate, vital information to your healthcare professionals without you ever stepping inside a healthcare facility. It is clear that through digital applications, the barrier to understanding and acting on personal wellness is being broken down, enabling consumers to take charge of the information at their fingertips.

How Let’s Nurture can help for Custom Healthcare App Development?

Let’s Nurture is an award winning custom mobile app development company having offshore development centers (ODC) in USA, Canada, India, UK, Singapore, Australia and Kuwait. We have Smart Healthcare mobility solutions catalysts having developed revolutionary applications for healthcare industry.

Our Experience in Developing Mobile Healthcare Solutions

  • We are currently working for a vaccination reminder platform solution for enhanced child immunization where parents or guardians can track the history of vaccination along with details about vaccines.
  • We also have developed IoT based Smart healthcare solution for a client in Singapore that has won as the best startup award in Slush Singapore 2018.
  • We worked on projects for On demand doctor platform for enhanced patient-doctor engagement and nutrition applications for remote self-healthcare services.
  • We also have experience in developing AI-ML based healthcare app development to build custom medical apps which can be used as smart patient care solutions with data analytics.

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If you are a government influencer, hospital owner, corporate owner and looking for similar solutions, get in touch with our healthcare industry experts who will provide custom solutions as per your business requirements.

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