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Google App Maker for Enterprise Mobile App Development

21 Jan. 17

In this booming rise of smartphones all over the world has resulted in a surge in the number of apps that people are using. Google houses 2.2 million apps in the play store and this will not slow down anytime soon. This has made the app market more challenging and competitive for the enterprises. To overcome this challenge for developing mobile apps, Google recently unveiled Low-code App Maker, the newest arrival in the app building market. The tool is initially available for access to customers with its G Suite subscription. Google App maker makes easy for any mobile app development that serves the specific motive within an organization.
Google App Maker follows the cloud-based drag and drop development, that lets for development and deployment of basic custom apps and occupies it with data from your G Suite applications, contacts, groups, google maps and any service that offers an API. Enterprise application development with App Maker runs on the architecture leveraging Google’s own G Suite apps run. Even IT admins can manage them similar to Gmail, Drive, and other G Suite applications.

Glimpse on Google App Maker of Enterprise Mobile App Development

Google App Maker is powered with cloud IDE that supports built-in templates and point-and-click data models helping business-centric mobile app development at the rapid pace.  The unveiling the low-code tool aims for the development of enterprises’ internal applications in an efficient manner.
The best part about this tool is the ease of its use. Since, it comes with the drag and drop format, App Maker allows to move things easily and develop the enterprise apps in a hassle-free way. The tools support attractive features like customized script, scripting editor, and cloud platform, that supports all developers. You can also connect to your own data sources and APIs to meet the needs of your enterprise.
Google Drive Tables easily stores the data generated in the application that is developed with the help of App Maker. This can be described as a managed structure database that stores data in the Google drive. It’s simpler to setup and maintain something like Google Cloud SQL from the Google Cloud Platform.
App Makers helps users to integrate their mobile apps with many services. The services include Google Calendar, Contacts, Docs, Drive, Forms, Gmail, Groups, Translate, Maps, Sites, Sheets and  BigQuery.

How App Maker is helpful for Mobile App Development?

App Makers is useful for the developers who are having hassles with their app development. Moreover, it also helps who are not having experience in mobile application development. App Maker is helpful for any business regardless of its size. Even developers use this tool to work with Google’s material Design architecture and give their applications a Google-centric approach.
It is used for enterprise and consumer apps because of following reasons:

  • Low-code
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • Script editor for coding support
  • Cloud powered IDE
  • Customized Script support

New Apps for G Suite Program

App Maker can be accessible with the Google’s Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business. Moreover, the companies integrated with the Early Adopter Program for G Suite Business have chance to try App Maker before it is available to the public.
Next to App Maker, Google also announced raising the scope of existing “Recommended for G Suite” program with new enterprise apps.  It verifies if an enterprise application is well-integrated in the G suite that indexes critical business issues. The new apps that are added to G suite include Virtru, LumApps, DocuSign, Freshdesk, Zoho Invoice, Xero, and Asana.
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