Fantasy Sports App Market is set to boom after FIFA WC 2018

21 Jun. 18
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The biggest sporting event – FIFA world cup 2018 which is being held in Russia between 14th June to 15th July. 32 nations out of 221 FIFA associate nations made it to FIFA world cup 2018. The first match was watched by 15.9 million people. With huge number of fan base, fantasy sports app development have provided millions of fans a fantasy sports platform to participate in the sports and such events as more than just as a fan. With FIFA 2018 world cup season, fans crave for something like fantasy football app.

What fantasy sports app platform means to the fans?

Fans live their lives by the code to be loyal to the club and national teams they support. Leagues or tournaments are their festivals and a core part of their lives that goes on, year in year out. Fantasy sports app development has added icing to the cake by taking the sports fans and the passion they carry to the next level. Fantasy Sports App development has helped the fans of any sport in any corner of the world to get incentivised for their dedication and involvement with the sport.

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FIFA will make fantasy sports app platform famous than ever

With the 2018 FIFA world cup fast approaching, viewers are looking forward to view the best footballers chasing the biggest trophy and to experience the exhilaration, thrilling and cheerful moments. It’s going to cross the number of viewers and revenues than the event in the year 2014. It is the best time for the people who want to Kick off the 2018 season by creating their own fantasy teams, joining the private leagues and compete with users from around the world in real time to have the best Fantasy experience.

Why Fantasy Sports App Platform is becoming popular?



1. Fantasy Sports App are thrilling

People look for entertainment and exciting stuff in the midst of hectic work schedule and monotonous day. Fantasy Sports App turns out to be satisfactory option. People like the rewards, competition, thrill that a Fantasy mobile application provides. In-order to remain connected, Football Fans love to play and compete with friends and family. Moreover, season long games enables them to stay occupied.

2. Illusion of Power

The greater the level of control a user thinks he or she has, the more they want to play the game. Illusion of control is the persistence in the belief that they have special skills, knowledge and other advantages when playing fantasy sports app and it convinces themselves that is worth doing again and again.

3. Rewards and Money

People like winning money, especially when it comes from playing their favorite game. Fantasy sports app is an amazing option for people looking out for money and fun. In face, there are people who make living out of Fantasy Sports App by participating and playing.

4. Socialising

Fantasy sports mobile app enables people to make new friends and remain connected with existing friends. People with similar interests play fantasy sports within their social group. This helps connect people using fantasy sports as denominator.

Fantasy Sports App Market & Popular Sports



  • In 2014-2015, increase in the number of users of fantasy sports apps was 18% to 20%.
  • By 2019, 2.71 billion fantasy sports app users will play through mobile (Android/iOS/Windows/Blackberry).
  • 149.3 billion mobile app downloads worldwide in 2016. It is expected to grow to 197 billion in by 2017 and 352.9 billion by 2021.
  • Estimated global mobile app revenue was $58 billion in 2016. This number reached over $77 billion in 2017.

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How Let’s Nurture can help you with Fantasy Sports Mobile App Development?

Fantasy sports application development platform is the future of the gaming apps which is connected to real world. The massive popularity of fantasy sports has led many countries to force it into a legal business. Let’s Nurture is a website and custom mobile application development company in India to develop fantasy sports apps and many other industries. We develop website with intuitive User Interface (UI) that enables to keep users engaged. Additionally, we provide marketing services that helps spread awareness of upcoming league among users of mobile application.

We can help you with fantasy application development services for popular sports like:

  • fantasy cricket mobile app & software
  • fantasy soccer mobile app & software
  • fantasy football mobile app & software
  • fantasy basketball mobile app & software
  • fantasy rugby mobile app & software
  • fantasy baseball mobile app & software

If you are looking to develop a fantasy sports app platform to gain benefits of the huge fantasy sports market, let’s team up together and create something amazing to make the most of your business idea.

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