Co-Working Spaces in New Brunswick

28 Oct. 21

If you’re a startup in Atlantic Canada, or simply run a business that is located in Atlantic Canada; you might find it difficult to rent buildings or spaces for developing and housing your business. This has long been an issue for startups and small businesses, as they often do not have the funds or resources of their own; resulting in businesses having to take out costly loans or similar options for financing their company. Thankfully, with the recent introduction of the world of coworking spaces; there’s a variety of businesses who can now work alongside each other in the same building; sharing ideas and building a community of like-minded professionals all under one roof. Let’s discuss some of these coworking spaces in New Brunswick, the benefits of utilizing them; and how your business can get involved.

ConnexionWorks (Saint John)

First on our list is the entrepreneurial-focused ConnexionWorks, a collaborative workspace located in the uptown area of Saint John. ConnexionWorks offers a variety of memberships and benefits at their location, like an internet section, cafe, hot desk access, meeting rooms, and writable wall space for breaking down complex ideas or business plans. In addition to this, they offer events covering everything from training and mentorship sessions, networking opportunities, and marketing service classes. 

Workspace Atlantic (Moncton)

Workspace Atlantic is a popular coworking company, with another location located in the Bedford, Nova Scotia area. Their Moncton location is all about changing the work environment and providing freedom to employees and clients. Their memberships offer private offices, meeting spaces, virtual office setups, as well as storage, a kitchenette and cafe area, and educational and networking opportunities offered by the center. Currently, Workspace Atlantic features coworking spaces in four different locations across Atlantic Canada, including Moncton, Bayers Lake, Dartmouth Express, and Bedford. 

USTATION (Saint John, New Brunswick)

This membership-based company out of Saint John offers a number of great services for startups and those looking for coworking spaces in New Brunswick. For one, they offer virtual support services to allow businesses to work remotely, as well as tech-enabled spaces for testing, research & development, and other important factors for your development process. USTATION is also a comfortably curated space for its visitors, with small group work areas, private office spaces, and a kitchette area for coffee and conversation when you need to take a break. All of this with competitive pricing, easy access to USTATION, fast and private wifi, and other great benefits at the USTATION space. 

Impactory (Moncton)

With a great, modern minimalist design; Impactory is a home away from home for everyone from mobile workers and developers to secretaries and office workers. It has a fun atmosphere and offers a variety of rates to find the plan that’ll suit your business best. They also offer conference rooms, open space areas, and single or multiple occupancy offices for private work. In addition to this, the Impactory site also offers budget pricing for those using their spaces, as well as free parking. 

La Place (Moncton)

Offering everything from private offices, dedicated desks, hot desks, meeting rooms, event spaces, and plenty of other great benefits; La Place is a coworking space designed for professionals. They also offer a one-day free trial of their spaces as well as a bookable tour in order to explore the area of La Place and see if the coworking space is right for you and your team. The space also comes with access to a fax machine, boardroom rentals, additional storage and lockers, and workshops for improving your business strategies and day-to-day functions. 

Did we miss any great coworking spaces in New Brunswick? Let us know in the comments below of some of your own spaces you use!

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