Chatbot For Automated Counseling

Chatbot For Automated Counseling

28 Aug. 19
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Stress and depression have become common today. In this day and age of social media, people may be connected but they don’t interact in person. Human interaction has declined and that has caused the problem of anxiety and loneliness in people. What if you can speak to someone to reduce your mental burden? What if someone is there who can listen to you and act as a friend?

Talking does help at times especially if there is a build-up; you need to release it somewhere for your sanity. Do you know there are automated chats and apps that can act like your friend and listen to you?

More about automated chatbots

Automated chatbots are also called mental health chatbots. The response of the chatbots is based on artificial intelligence along with the human element. Most people still don’t believe that chatbots can help in counseling.

It is not possible to use chatbots for interaction through programming and algorithms. But, this is not the case. Initial results of automated chatbots have proved that indeed it is promising and it can help in mind therapies as well. The process will not replace traditional counseling but will help to make a small shift from the way things work. There are many apps and chat bots that help to measure up in-person therapy.

Some of the popular chatbots are:

  • Wysa

    Wysa is an AI-powered penguin that works on both iPhone and Android operating systems. The conversations on Wysa are encrypted and private. It helps to build a toolkit that is based on a variety of exercises. The exercises are based on mindful meditation so it helps a person to relax.

    It not only helps to manage the stress but also deals with anxiety in a great way. It has a therapeutic approach that provides relaxation without any side effect. It offers CBT skills and restructuring thoughts that help to relax.

    Wysa is user-friendly, easy to use and attractive. It also offers a real-life coach option, but a person has to pay for that option.
    Wysa is perfect for users who suffer from anxiety attacks or mild depression. The app is programmed well and there are no hiccups when you use the app. The best feature of Wysa is it uses the gif, which can help to lighten your mood and even manage to make you smile. Though it cannot replace a real therapist, still it can help you relax in a good way.

  • Woebot

    It is a fully automated conversational agent that helps in chatting. There is a privacy policy you can update and then use the chat feature. Woebot is user-friendly and flexible. It views the confidentiality feature and takes into account other factors as well.

    It helps to identify various moods with the help of emoji support. The chat app works on cognitive behavior therapy that works well for fluctuating emotions.
    It uses an event-based approach for treatment. It can help you to deal with the situation. If you tell about your mood, it will ask you why your mood is off and the reasons for the same. The best part about the chatbot app is if offer different quizzes and videos that help you to relax.

    You can chat with the app for ten minutes at a stretch; it feels like chatting with a therapist. Well, it won’t replace the therapist but still, it will make you feel good about yourself. It’s a great tool for therapy and it’s also good for people who suffer from mild depression. The app is also attractive to use and the process of installation is simple.

  • Talkspace

    It provides online therapy that is monitored by a licensed therapist. It uses different activity-based tools to make considerable improvement for compassion, balance, happiness, productivity, and self-awareness. Users can communicate using audio, text or video messages.

    It is not only easy to navigate but it is also user-friendly. This medium is not for shy people, its for people who are comfortable with face to face talk. It is more like speaking to a real therapist without any worry of taking a prior appointment.

    It also provides a unique passcode system so you can also freeze your account for some days. The only thing to consider in this app is the cost of it.

  • Joyable

    Joyable offers real-life artificial intelligence support. It is a platform that supports real-life coach with CBT. It deals with different structured assessments that can help users decide their call. It informs users about their emotional behavior and the reason for it. It also offers a specific program that works well with trained sessions.

    There are different user-friendly activities in the program that helps to track different moods. It is easy to navigate and attractive to use. The app is good for people who suffer from mild symptoms of depression and anxiety.

    It also lets you stay on track with self-improvement. It is good for people who deal with anxiety attacks and need emotional support. Though the only thing to consider is – the time. It is the best app that will help you to relax.

The future of automated chatbots,

Depression and anxiety issues are a major cause of concern today. You cannot always talk to someone in need. It’s important that you vent all out because that will make you feel lighter.

Technology has its pros and cons. But, when you use it in a positive way, it can not only deal with the issue of depression but also provide you with therapeutic relief. Apps that deal with mind therapy use chatbots to provide great functionality and emotional support.

Also, there are no privacy concerns as most chatbots use the encryption feature. Its no harm using these apps and chatbots for relief.

Effective mental health apps and therapy can help a person deal with mental issues. The various hybrid models along with the use of AI is surely making a huge impact. Things will change in the future with new updates as well.

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