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Chatbot Development can Boost Businesses on Customer Services

29 Dec. 17
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It has now become a norm to have to wait for inordinate durations extending to hours, before getting serviced on call or to get a simple issue resolved, due to manual process. Is there a more proven way that discourages a customer than that?
Customers are smarter today than they were five years ago and they expect you to be adept at your communications with them. They look for an immediate response to their queries. Customer engagement, support and loyalty can be increased significantly by improving the Customer Experience. One of those ways is by implementing intelligent chatbot development.

What are Chatbots?

A computer program designed to simulate human conversation. It is a service based on artificial intelligence, that interacts with users. Smart companies are saving their resources and money by using chatbots to do basic first level interaction with customers.
Chatbots can be broadly classified in two types, Script based and AI powered.

Script based Chatbots

Chatbots have a specific flow. They have a predefined script that they follow and are generally implemented for a specific use case, could be customer service, shopping assistants or weather update bots.

AI powered Chatbots

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to ‘learn’ from multiple conversations, draw context, and respond within that context. They are designed to ‘talk’ to humans as a ‘human’.

Examples of Chatbots

Following are some of the interesting examples of chatbots,
Personal Styling Bot: A bot suggesting user of what suits and what doesn’t.
Personal Concierge Bot: Helps organise your business’ diary, emails and even make appointments.
Banking Bot: Helps with banking operations, ATM location assistance, service assistant, etc.
News Bot: Keeps you updated with the latest news.
Weather Bot: Gives you weather updates.
Travel Bot: Helps manage travel plans and recommends local attractions.
Food Ordering Bot: Helps you place and track order.
Commerce Bot: Helps customers with personalized product search, payment procedures and order tracking.
Customer Support Bot: Answers customers complaints.
Healthcare Bot: Health assistance, recommend treatments, hospital navigator.
Chatbots as a Teacher: Communicate and teaches in a natural language.
Chatbots as an Accountant: Helps to take away the complexity by letting the entrepreneurs manage their finances only by having the conversation.
There are various kinds of Chatbots available. There are almost limitless possibilities for what can be done with them.

How can Chatbots Improve your Business?

Chatbot development is gaining popularity among entrepreneurs because it can help them improve on various aspects of their business. These includes,

Better Customer Experience

A chatbot can provide customer experience, recommend a product and engage customers. It’s preferable because they not only tend to be faster but also handles multiple conversations simultaneously. The simple act of giving your customers an automated acknowledgement, even if it’s just a chatbot, can go a long way.

Personal Assistance

It’s more practical to text a friendly AI assistant than to access a lot of different applications for secretarial tasks such as scheduling appointments, making reservations or ordering food.

Conversational Commerce

By having conversation with a chatbot, that collects and stores information, your customers can place order with fewer steps than before. Chatbots are improving user experience, moving customers from websites and apps to command-line interface.

Project Management

Chatbot development can help you manage projects and its tasks. You can ask them the questions such as, “What tasks are assigned to me?”,“Who is assigned to particular project?”
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