Build Marketplace to Buy and Sell Crafts Online

Build Marketplace to Buy and Sell Crafts Online

05 Nov. 19
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Handicrafts are unique illustrations of a specific culture or community through local artistry and materials.

Handicraft production is a significant form of employment in many developing countries and often a major part of the export economy. Globalization along with growing markets for home decor products—especially in the United States, Canada, and Europe—also creates many new opportunities. Particularly, the demand for “cultural goods” is predicted to grow with rising international tourism and an increasing basis on interior decoration, and as a reaction to the uniformity of mass-produced products.

Why Build an Online Marketplace to buy and sell Crafts?

  • Handicrafts have always been a prime target for overpricing due to numerous middle men. There are countless artists who have specialisation in one form of product. Such indegenious talent needs a platform to showcase their artistry and to make a decent living living. Elimination of middlemen & direct connectivity to the producer, would ensure maximum benefit to the artisans.
  • With soaring demand for Online businesses, Online marketplaces are witnessing a sharp rise and traffic in recent days. Besides that, people expect to purchase and sell anything and everything online. Online marketplaces have remarkably become an essential part of the business since it attracts many customers.
  • People have switched to convenience more than that of money, and hence, they demand all needful and fancy items to be within their reach. One of such fancy needs of all time is “Handicrafts”.
  • It can be beneficial to create a marketplace for buying and selling craftworks online as that would ensure the engagement of both customers and craftspeople and hence will ensure a healthy business.

Platforms like Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce website based on the marketplace model that sells unique products in the art & craft, handmade and vintage category and earns revenue from the commission. Even after having a simple business model, Etsy has got some cool features as mentioned below.


Etsy enables artists to create their shops and add as many items to their shops as they like, add prices and tags and sell it.


Etsy enables buyers to browse unique handmade products from artists and vintage items across the globe.

Essential functionalities that can be fulfilled

Any Online marketplace will essentially require a set of commonly required functionalities along with add-on features that can be implemented to take this business approach to the next level. For apps like Etsy, essential features may include the following:

  • User Registration and Profile.Users can create their accounts and log in using the credentials. They can edit their profiles or view their orders, delivery status, etc. They can select for either being a seller or a buyer.
  • A wide range of categories and items to select from. Your customers can select from a wide range of categories and items, view details of those items, can mark any item as a favourite or discard any item from the list of favorites. They can view prices and add to cart to buy the products they wish to.
  • A scope to sellers.Sellers can make their own shops and add as many crafted products as they like and define its details and prices and add prices and tags to sell it.
  • Include Payment Gateway Integration.Your customers will need a way to pay for what they buy, and that method should be as quick, flawless, and secure as possible.
  • Have In-app Chat.Your customers and sellers can get a podium to chat about the product or can even get support related to the product directly by coming in touch with the sellers directly.
  • Utilize Push Notifications.Your customers can remain updated with the latest crafts, recommendations based on searches or delivery statuses through this needful functionality.

How Let’s Nurture can help for the development of an Online Marketplace to buy and sell Crafts?

If you are planning to create an on-demand marketplace to buy and sell crafts, you are at the right door. Let’s Nurture offers custom mobile app development backed with several years of experience. We are a team of expert and experienced Android developers, iOS developers, Website developers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and QAs. We are adequately skilled in the on-demand application development and can include features like Chatbot support, Customer analytics, Order tracking, Online support, Instant payments, and separate mobile apps for Sellers and Buyers. Have queries, feel free to contact us directly and our exclusively allocated team will be happy to help you.

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