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Advance Technology Features to improve Elderly Care Management

14 Jun. 18
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The elderly are the fastest growing age group in developed countries. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 2 billion people will be over the age of 60 by 2050.

Regardless of how much life expectancy is extended, the last chapter is often dismal. In the age of 80, one person out of five will be harrowed with some kind of dementia, one in remaining four will suffer from vision loss and four out of five will develop hearing issues. Of the folks who makes it to 90, a majority will have minimum one health issue, many will have more than one. This calls innovation driving companies to come up with Senior/Elderly Care Mobility Solutions.
A brilliant cluster of new IT and mobility solutions is giving elder people self confidence and ability to live independently, and this is helping nursing home management and families too. Smart IT mobility solutions are a boon to these families and home care institutions and nursing home management. These home care or elderly care mobility solutions can be given through GPS/Geofence tracking solutions, IoT solutions, custom mobile app development, IoT solutions integrated with mobile apps to build IoT apps, BLE app development, voice / speech recognition solutions and Chatbot development. These solutions are making aging in a place a viable option for an increasing number of people.

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Functionalities and features of Elderly Care Mobility Solution that makes Elder Care more efficient:

Elderly Care Management Solutions and Features
Elderly Care Management Solutions and Features

Large and Bold Fonts and “Read it aloud” feature

Large and Bold Fonts and Keyboard that makes everything for elderly user type on their phone easier and accurate. And, Text to speech feature reads out the text on the screen giving user better user experience.

Remember People and Voices

In-app photo capturing app developed by us for our client that provides functionality which gives soothing experience to the ones affiliated with Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related conditions. User will be able to share photos with family and friends. This functionality also enables them to tag images with comforting VOICE recordings. This will enable Alzheimer’s sufferers remember amazing thoughts and stories, while bridging their Memory and providing mental relief.

Daily Workout Coach

An in-app daily reminder that reminds user to work out. Health and Fitness app development can help elder users learn and workout with interactive guides.

Health Tracker (Blood Pressure, Glucose Monitor, BMI)

An IoT  healthcare mobile app solution that helps user to check and monitor their blood pressure, glucose and BMI without even stepping a foot out of home. App records height, weight, medication, to make sense of disjointed data so users can start to play an active role in their own healthcare. This functionality enables user to compile the data into reports, which can be printed and bring to doctor’s appointments.

Medication Reminder

A reminder that enables user to never miss medication. An alert with an aim to prevent users from skipping timely medicines/pills/nutritional supplements due to their hectic work schedule or due to sheer forgetfulness

Interactive Games

A set of brain teasing and mind training games that puts critical thinking, memory and problem solving skills to test and train with fun games and challenges. There games will include logic games, problem-solving games, memory games, puzzle games, critical thinking games such as, sudoku, cross, card games, jigsaw puzzles, connect dots and much more.

The News and Weather Channel

Constant Updates on the day’s weather and forecast. Instant notification that allows user to know if forecast predicts severe weather, giving you ample time to get indoors before an approaching storm.

Meet a Friend

Custom social networking app development helps nearby users connect with each other on the application. Make friends and socialise suing.

Panic Button

This feature enables user’s loved ones to track them all the time. By two press on phone’s power button, user will instantly be able to call to registered loved one for help.

Amazon Alexa Skill Integration

Along with Amazon Alexa skills, let user use their voice to interact with following app functionalities:

  • Alexa can help dictate news and weather forecast for users
  • Answer riddles asked by Alexa
  • Place a call to loved ones

How Let’s Nurture can help you with Nursing Home Management and Mobility Solutions?

Elder care mobility solution allows the geriatric centers to make elderly people feel free and independent. Also, keeps them safe without hampering their freedom.
Elderly care mobility solution represents an incredibly powerful technology that can be leveraged for Elder Care Management to help elderly people keep safe without hindering their liberty. Let’s Nurture, being experts in mobile app development, IoT solutions, Cognitive technologies like Alexa, Chatbot and many more, we can help you built a best-in-class Elder Care Management System.
You can reach us at enquiry@letsnurture.com and also receive a free quote for the same.

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