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9 Trends to Watch for in the Pet Care Industry – 2019 Edition

17 Apr. 19
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Over the past thirty years, the pet industry has experienced some major growth spikes, as younger generations reach adulthood and enter the consumer market. According to the American Pet Products Association, not only has millennial and generation Z consumers embraced pet-owning lifestyles, they actually account for 62% of total pet ownership. When this is compared to the fact that baby boomers only account for 32% of the 85 million homes that report owning a pet, it’s clear to see why the pet industry has seen an upsurge. Although technology may have made it easier to adopt, interact with, and care for our pets, other pet-related market trends are projected to gain a foothold in 2019.

1. Wearables Are Not Just For Humans Anymore!

Consumers are now able to purchase high-tech collars that allow them to keep track of the location of one’s pet, keep track of vital signs, and keep track of how much daily exercise they are getting. Similar to the types of wearables that humans have, these high-tech collars can record your pet’s heart rate, GPS location, body temperature, and some can even control electronic pet doors for easy transition between outside and inside areas. The information that these collars capture can be easily relayed to a computer, mobile apps, or veterinarian in real-time.

2. Telemedicine May Come To Your Pet.

Unless you have a pet that loves the vets, getting them to go can be stressful, aggravating, and riddled with anxiousness for both you and them. Luckily, telemedicine technology is improving access to veterinarians, animal nutritionists, and animal experts through the telephone, through video chats, and through online mobile applications. Getting answers in a quick fashion and being able to treat minor situations without having to get in the vehicle, may be closer than you think. For instance, Mixlab provides pet parents with personalized medications and wellness products that are custom designed for the pet’s size and shape and Toletta is a kitty litter box that monitors your cat’s health such as weight, urine volume, and can alert you to health risks. Technologies like IoT is enabling pet care industry.

3. Using Live Webcams for Pet Visits.

For pet owners who travel a lot, whether that be for work or leisure, and are unable to take their pet with them, checking in with a little “face time” through live streaming services is becoming popular. So much so, that some pet daycare companies are using them as a way for their customers to check in on their furry companions throughout the day.

4. Healthy Ingredients in Pet Food Is Becoming More Important.

Traditional pet food is starting to fall off in popularity, as their healthier counterparts are becoming touted more. Consumers want to be able to understand the ingredients they are giving their animals and so they are opting for more brands that offer fresh and frozen pet food options. Although these products tend to cost more, consumers are still trading up. One such example is Pet Plate, a subscription service that sells premium human-grade pet food to consumers that can be used as the pet’s entire diet plan or be used as a supplemental plan.

5. Private Brands Are Growing.

Although you still see big brand names when you walk into pet stores, a lot of consumers are actually looking at online private brands more and more. This is because these private brands are choosing to disrupt the market by eliminating middleman profit margins, creating a brand identity that consumers can relate to, and providing convenience through online ordering. Most notable are Amazon and Chewy, which in recent years, have become popular PetCommerce (eCommerce Platforms for Pets) choices among pet parents.

6. More Attention is Being Placed on End of Life Services.

A lot of consumers care about the comfort of their pet during the end of life, and as such, more services and products have popped up surrounding palliative care, grief consulting, and cremation/let cemetery options.

7. Online Ordering Will Continue to Grow.

The convenience of ordering from Online Pet Store has not been lost on the newer generations, as this pet-related sector will continue to skyrocket in 2019. Many modern pet parents actually prefer to purchase pet food, medicine, and supplies online and have them delivered right to the front door. Beyond the fact that it is convenient, many modern pet parents also prefer this method since online stores are open 24/7, come with customizable ordering options, have express delivery, and access to other peoples’ reviews.

8. Social Media Accounts Just For Pets.

Although this may seem absurd at first, many pet parents are choosing to create social media profiles for their beloved animals because everyone loves being able to see cute, weird, or funny animals. There’s a reason why the internet has millions of cat videos and pictures. In addition to this, posed pet photos, amusing animal videos, and weird compilations tend to get millions of views on Youtube and Instagram, reaping rewards for the owner in the form of sponsorships and partnerships.

Modern pet owners are also starting to join social dating networks that are tailored specifically towards those who have a preference in pet ownership. One such application is Dig, which is a dating app for individuals who are dog owners or who want to become dog owners in the future.

9. Premium Pet Food is More Commonly Found.

More and more grocery stores, dollars stores, and mass merchants are starting to carry premium pet food brands. This is a direct result to modern pet parents wanting the very best for their animal companions and so making premium pet food available at more points of distribution, brings in higher profit margins.

In addition to the above trends, more and more modern pet parents are opting into companies that provide pet customization, whether it be through health and wellness products such as Animal Biome, through preference-based subscription boxes such as PupJoy and KitNipBox, or through entertainment options such as DOGTV.

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